Charlie Darrowkin
Player naraoia
Class Halfling 4
Title Halfling Swordmaster
Alignment Lawful
Special Crack Shot, Dodge Big'uns, Hide, Quick Reflexes, Languages (Common, Selenican, Goblin)
Strength 13
Intelligence 15 (+1 language)
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 13 (+1 bonus to missile fire, +1 to initiative, +1 bonus to AC)
Constitution 14 (+1 hit point per hit die)
Charisma 9 (max. 4 retainers; 7 morale)
Armor Class 2/1 (Plate armor/Plate and Shield plus dexterity bonus)
Hit Points ?
Special Ability
Trick Shooting: +1 missile attacks, plus a bonus to difficult shots with a bow.
Noteworthy Possessions
Talisman of Proof vs. Law and Neutrality, affixed to shield, Silverstrike (Handaxe +1), Boots of Spider Climbing

Little brother of Hanna Darrowkin. Joined the Company of Crossed Sword's expeditionary force while accompanying their mother Anya on a voyage through the broken lands. Finds his brother-sister's transformation hilarious. Once ate a magical pie that cured him of the bubonic plague and raised his constitution by a point. Weird mom gave it to him.

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