Character Creation

Character Creation in the Black Peaks

Characters are created at the table. This isn't a trust issue: it's that we like teasing you if you roll badly, or cheering if you roll well.

Characters are created by rolling 3d6 in order. Harsh!

You may "give up" on the character and roll a new one if either of these conditions are met:

  • All scores are 8 or lower
  • If you have two scores 3, 4, 5, or 6.
  • This tracks page B13 of the Moldvay rules.

If you really, really want to play a particular class, you can swap a score for the desired Prime Requisite only. This tracks page D15 of the Mentzer rules.

You may also trade scores per the rules on B6 of Moldvay.

1st Level characters start the game with maximum hit points, adjusted by the Constitution modifier. Thereafter, each new hit dice is rolled and adjusted by the Constitution modifier, with a minimum of 1 HP per level. (A 1st level Magic-User with 3 Constitution, and thus a -3 Con modifier, gets 1 Hit Point at 1st level, and gains 1 HP thereafter. Go Immortus, go!) This tracks option C on page D18 of the Mentzer rules.

Character Creation in Glantri

Characters in Glantri are created according to the core rules: 3d6 rolled six times in order, with the option of increasing a prime requisite by trading away points from other stats.

When two or more players roll up new characters, if each prefers the other's scores, they may swap character sheets if both agree to do so. This happens after rolling but before selling down stats to increase prime requisites.

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