Cayhal Bambang

Former major domo to the Ninth Menegril of Limbo, who has since absconded with some of the Menegril's treasures including his spelljamming, inter-dimensional yacht.

During his period of service, Bambang proved to be eager to assist Maldoor of the Grey Company navigate the Menegril's extensive library … in exchange for the proper bribe.

At one point, when the Ninth Menegril had gone missing, it appeared that the Menegril's rivals would sack the palace. To forestall disaster, Bambang conspired for Arnold Littleworth to impersonate the Menegril. Arnold reluctantly complied, but succeeded in restoring the status quo after only a few weeks. After the Menegril's restoration, Bambang fled the palace with several items of magical power.

Loose Ends

Bambang took a lot of good stuff, and presumably should be easy to defeat.

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