Carousing Move Proposals

This is a landing page for proposing new "standard" carousing moves, or emendations to moves described on the Carousing Mechanics page.

New Proposals


Sympathy in a Time of Need

Description: Carouse for the resurrection of a fallen comrade by the followers of a like-aligned deity.
Source: Whitebox Session 25

When you ask a church that you're in good standing with to resurrect someone of the church's alignment, roll 2d6 + Wisdom. On a 10+, they agree in exchange for 1 hold over you. On a 7-9, they do it for 3 hold - two now and one later. On a miss, the DM may suggest an unpleasant alternative, a hard bargain, or an unexpected complication. Holds may be:

  • a magic item
  • 1,000 gp per level of the character raised
  • accepting a geas to perform a task
  • a year's worth of geased service to the temple


Heavy Drinking

Description: Having no better ideas for what to do with yourself for the week, you decide to simply squander your hard-earned gold on transient worldly pleasures.

Roll 2d6 + 2 (You're not trying to accomplish anything so no stat applies, but at the same time it makes it a little harder to run into complications). You earn XP equal to the spend. On a 10+, you wake up with nothing worse than a hangover. On a 7-9, pick one complication from the list. On a miss, pick three. Complications may be:

  • There's someone really angry at you.
  • The town's general opinion of you has gone down.
  • You've made an unwanted friend who won't stop asking you for favors.
  • You still feel terrible and may suffer minor mechanical penalties on your next adventure.
  • You feel like you did something terrible while you were drunk, but you can't remember exactly what it was.
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