Carousing for Snickwick (WIP)

Post session 33

Peering out of his window in the second floor of the Smoking Owl, Snickwick glumly watches Pritchard, Goldfinch, Richard and the strange dwarf Hop-Frog set off for adventure in the lost fortress of Quasqueton.

His curly toed boot has been removed from his right foot, which rests swollen and red in a bath of ice, salt, and lavender. The concoction is an old remedy for Gnomish gout, from which he suffers mightily after an uncharacteristic binge on honey pastries after his evening meal.

Never one for idleness, Snickwick resolves to put his energy to use, an effort to pay of his debts to the metalworker Zarenne of Glantri City.

Snickwick will reverse carouse in Malinbois, leveraging one jar of Leprechaun Urine and his Gnomish craftsmanship to manufacture and sell wonderful knickknacks!

Snickwick will gather a variety of soft woods, acorns and bits of wire and metal from around the town and his makeshift workshop. He will lay out his thieves tools and the smaller implements from his mechanics kit. Shrinking to the size of a mouse and using his gnomish craftsmanship, he will spend the day crafting tiny toys:

A tiny wheeled duck that bobs its head as it rolls
a silly little horse whose back legs kick when its head is pressed
a wonderful top the size of a pea that spins for hours on end).
Upon returning to his usual size, he will peddle these novelties to various contacts around town - Tertullian, Clamdigger, the lesser ladies of the court, and the castle pastry chef he has gotten to know so well.

Post Session 54

Heading up toward Wizards' Hill in his finest striped vest and curly-toed shoes, Snickwick is able to wander through a checkpoint at the tail end of a minor noble lady's procession when the guards mistake him for a member of the lady's entourage. As he meanders up the clean, stone-paved boulevards, past fine lawns and tree-lined avenues and the overgrown tangles of abandoned dwellings, he hears the wail of an angry child from a many-peaked stone manor. Surely, he thinks, this is the place!

With a few bribes, he is passed up the house servants' chain of command to speak to the steward of the manor, who agrees to show Snickwick's wares to the gentleman of the house. Shortly thereafter, Snickwick is introduced to said gentleman, who is astonished by the detail of the toys and is pleased to purchase them for his young daughter. Furthermore, he expresses an interest in retaining the gnome's services for other projects, as such intricate woodworking would be invaluable for crafting magical wands, staves and other devices of enchanted wood. He writes a letter recommending Snickwick to other clients, and states that when he is ready with an appropriate project, he will send a message to Snickwick at Chateau Hazart along with a pass allowing the gnome to return to Wizards' Hill.

As he heads back from Wizards' Hill to Glantri City proper, a crisp promissory note in his pouch to be converted into a pile of gold, Snickwick considers the nobleman's name, for it had a familiar ring to it. Etienne d'Ambreville…

(You rolled a 6, allowing you to sell the toys for 750gp! Furthermore, your saving throw was a natural 20, increased to 22: dramatic success!)

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