G84: Carousing and Intersession

There were a number of carousing rolls at the table after the session, with cursory interpretations about the results. Use this page to elaborate on what might have happened.

Janus Stradivarian

The streets are swept, the flags snap in the wind, and the village-folk of Hommlet put on their finest attire in preparation for the yearly feast of the Founders. This year the feast is especially lavish due to the munificence of one Janus Stradivarian, who in return for his daring rescue has dedicated the feast to the Company of the Crossed Swords.

At the start of the feast he takes the auspices in the Thyatian fashion and declares imminent victory for the Company's ongoing forays into the cultists' moathouse.
The wine then flows freely for the rest of the night as the villagers feast on succulent boar and pheasant - all but Janus who slinks out food untouched and spends the night scouring his skin with heated sand to remove the lingering taint of his gnollish captors.

400gp spent, rolled a 20 on the saving throw. The auspices were favorable…

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