Cardinal Ludwig

Cardinal Ludwig is the highest ranking member of the One Lawful Church of the Great Builder in the Black Peaks, and brother to Lord Stefan. This combination of religious and secular authority makes him a pretty important dude. Ludwig is an angry, grouchy sort of guy, and his authoritarian tendencies make him hard to get along with. Ludwig was instrumental in demolishing the Blasphemous Cult of Chaos, and he has a dim view of magic-users in general. His strongest allies include the Dwarven Host and the Thieves Guild.

In order to gain allies against the Dragon Army, Lord Stefan was obliged to relinquish certain traditional obligations of his vassals. Cardinal Ludwig finds this forfeiture of his family's feudal rights appalling, and has made a point of keeping strict discipline in his own lands, while also plotting to usurp Stefan's position since he is clearly unworthy to lead. The Church, after all, demands order and justice, and to disrupt the social order is to flout the plans of the Architect.

In Ludwig's own territory, no infraction is too trivial for punishment and correction in the name of saving souls. Obviously Ludwig is a closeted sadist, cloaking his own urges to smite people as righteous zeal.

Class Cleric 8
Alignment Lawful
Armor Class 2
Hit Points 28
Attacks Warhammer (+3 to hit, 1d6 damage)
Special Turn Undead, Cleric Spells
Points 650
Gear Staff of Commanding, Symbol of Law, Warhammer, Plate Armor, Shield
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