Caged One

Supposedly an enormously powerful demon or devil trapped in a birdcage within the Pharaoh's Tomb. The Caged One blames his (?) predicament on "the malevolence of a Little Girl, of whom I will say nothing more." The Caged One is loquacious and displays considerable knowledge about the Tomb. He takes pride in always speaking truthfully, though confesses every sentence contains one lie (there was some talk of lies of omission vs. commission; he said omission but some of his statements, like a secret door in the Pharoah's Tomb, seem to be actively untrue so "omission" may be a lie).

The Caged One claims (again, not necessarily true) that he is engaged in a power struggle with Lilianth in Hell. The Caged One got trapped in this Tomb, freeing up Lilianth to usurp power. He evidently wants to undermine her authority and then regain his rightful place, and sees the Grey Company as a possible instrument to this end. Due to the political complications in Hell at the moment, the Caged One only wishes to be released from servitude if conditions are exactly right. The Caged One seems to be inoffensive and unable to offer much in return for performing this epic task.

According to the Caged One, Zorlaa agreed to use his skills as a demonologist to overthrow Lillianth in exchange for the Caged One's assistance in acquiring the remains of the Verdant Paladin from the stomach of Knock-Knock-Knock-2A, a Dragon. Apparently Zorlaa reneged on the deal. There is some confirmation of this story: one of Zorlac's librarians gave a substantially similar account, the only difference being that Zorlac, not Zorlaa, was named as the demonologist involved.

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