Brooch Of The Sentinel

Alerting its wearer to the approach of hidden enemies, this brooch was discovered in the Moar Birds aviary/gallery area of the 1st level of the Chateau. Later, it was stolen from Richard Loubeau's breast by the villain, Lord Borek.

This cloak clasp bears the image of an open eye. The eye subliminally warns its wearer of danger so that she is surprised only on a roll of 1. In addition, it protects its wearer from sleep spells. Such a spell affects others around the wearer normally, but the hit dice of effect that would have put the wearer to sleep are harmlessly expended. Lastly, should the wearer be endangered while sleeping—whether from enemies or from environmental threats such as a house fire—the brooch awakens her instantly.

Each time the brooch of the sentinel awakens its bearer or protects her from a sleep spell, its eyelid droops more and more. When its powers have been used nine times, the eye closes fully, exhausting all of its powers forever.

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