Broken Lands

The Broken Lands are a jagged realm of mountains, rocky hills, plateaus and badlands that lie south of Glantri, forming a barrier between the Principalities and the more aggressive Republic of Darokin. Trade follows the route of the Vesubien River, which flows south from Trintan to the Darokinese city of Corunglain.

Humanoid tribes infest the Broken Lands, crawling in and out of the region's numberless caves. Other monstrous inhabitants include ogres, trolls and giants. Aside from the obvious danger to civilized lands, these creatures threaten trade between Glantri and Darokin. Merchant vessels on the river and caravans following the river road must be heavily guarded to repel inhuman raids. Those traders who cannot rely on the protection of Darokin's legions must perforce hire mercenaries and adventurers to guard their wares.

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