Brak Amat

Brak-Amat is one of the apprentices of Nrathax the Black in the Citadel of Fire. He is a middle-aged male human with a Van Dyke beard, which scratched Thistlyn when he kissed her hand. He wears extravagant jewelry, at least one piece of which is said to be a necklace of fireballs.

He maintains a lavish apartment in Hruhrudingfallor, to which he travels with a wagonful of luxurious furnishings and two mute slave-girls who are missing their tongues. He says that, at the time of Session 26, he had come to Hruhrudingfallor to scope things out in preparation for Captain Rakotis's arrival. Over the course of two weeks he displayed an impressive store of accumulated knowledge about the Gray Company and such of their doings as are known in town. He says that the party was, at this time at least, the most interesting thing within Hruhrudingfallor.

Brak-Amat's personal wealth recently increased by 7,725 gold pieces. Some of this he earned while helping Thistlyn turn her skinned minotaur into a skinshifter's cloak. His amorous designs on the bard were momentarily set aside when she claimed to have killed this minotaur with her bare hands. The rest was paid to him by John Fighter, who sought help interpreting E.N. Lightenment's vision of four towers, specifically in which of them the greatest treasure might lie.

Brak-Amat says that the Tower of the Stargazer and Ashur-Ram's tower are both too defended for him to consider trifling with, but he was willing to describe Nrathax's treasures and defenses in some detail. Brak-Amat told John that he is not concerned with upheavals in the cosmic thrones; he wishes to preserve the current order of affairs, although he can envision ways in which some purely worldly matters might be overthrown for the better. Brak-Amat offered to inform John of Nrathax's whereabouts whenever he is ready to make use of this information. When asked how he could facilitate this communication, Brak-Amat gave John an object suspected to be a mummified tongue, which he said would keep them in touch.

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