Bouvier des Flanders
Player foner
Class Magic-User 7
Alignment Neutral
Strength 10
Intelligence 13 (1 extra language)
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 9
Constitution 16 (+2 hit points per die)
Charisma 12
Armor Class 7
Hit Points 37
XP 86,575 xp (gets 5% bonus on earned XP)
GP 1,313 gp
Armor, Detect Magic, Light, Magic Missle, Protection From Evil, Read Magic, Sleep
Acid Arrow, Invisibility, Knock, Phantasmal Force, Web
Fireball, Haste, Lightning Bolt
Special Abilities
Resist Fire: as per spell, +2 to save, -1 damage/per die
Precision Targeting: able to precisely target spells in the right location, in order to maximize enemy targets hit, avoid hitting other party members, etc.
Noteworthy Possessions
Wand of Fireballs (out of charges), Cloak of Protection (+2), Crystal Ball, Scroll of Fireball, Scroll of Protection from Undead, Glove (magic, but powers as yet unknown)
Dagger (+1), Dagger (w/ Continual Light on it), Milk of Trianoma, Potion of Healing, protective case for spellbook


Bouvier des Flanders is a 1st cousin of Barnaby Flanders. It is believed that her family had some money before the civil war. She first became known to the Company of Crossed Swords when Barnaby died. She has reappeared when Barnaby has been in dire straits. (For instance, when he was recently under the control of Kastria.) Her concern for Barnaby is a product of close familial ties. Their fathers are brothers, and they grew up together.

While not a pushover by any means, Bouvier decided to pursue magic, rather than more mundane pursuits. Perhaps out of a sense of protectiveness for Barnaby, or perhaps out of a sense of curiosity, she decided to take up adventuring with the Company. Since Barnaby's most recent reincarnation leaves him unable to pursue most dungeon delving, she feels an obligation to take on a bigger role in the Company.

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