Lord Borek is a petty noble and garrison captain in a small town on the Glantri-Darokin borderlands. Borek's forces fought the Company of Crossed Swords to a stalemate after the Company was betrayed by their riverboat captain; Richard Loubeau was captured and held for ransom in the melee.

Borek is an opportunist, bringing in a cleric to cull Loubeau's most valuable gear while attempting to ransom Richard to a noble house. Whether he is also a liar who implied that Loubeau's gear would be restored as part of the ransom is the the subject of much debate.

Borek never promised anything in regard to Richard Loubeau's equipment. — the DM

He also never said he'd take what didn't belong to him! —the player

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Borek was encountered in G66: Band on the Run.

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