Blackmoon Equipment

Starmen may carry no more Encumbrance points worth of equipment than the average of their Strength and Constitution. Any extra items reduce the wearer’s effective Strength and dexterity by 2 points and movement by 1” for every extra ENC, and may be disallowed by the GM.
Only one suit or back item may be worn.

Item Description Enc Cost


Backpack Adds to max encumbrance by 5 ENC. 1 5
Life Support Pack Back unit with helmet and sealed suit, provides complete life support for 24 hour, only one hour of resistance to radiation and extreme heat and cold. AC 5 8 120
Shipsuit Standard wear of a starman, provides some environmental protection and works with various levels of life support. AC 6. Move 12" 3 20
Light Combat Gear Often a collage of materials. Works with various levels of life support. AC 2. Move 9" 5 90
Blast Armor Full plated stormtrooper armor. Works with various levels of life support. AC 1. Move 6" 9 130
Powered Battle Dress Unavailable on Blackmoon
Filtermask Filters most toxins in normal quantities. Provides an extra save against some poison gas hazards. 1 10
Sealed Helmet Provides 3 hours atmosphere and complete protection from toxins. 3 40


Goggles Improve vision in low light conditions, protect eyes from flares. 1 20
Flashlight Strong light, works for days. 1 5
Comm Universal computer/phone/camera. 0 5
Sensor Kit Can test for toxins and radiation. 3 40
Remote Cam Camera with stand can send for up to 24 hours to a comm, can be motion triggered or follow other simple programs. 2 15
Motion Detector Works through walls, water and thick brush, though not through bulkheads or solid rock. Gives orientation and rough distance to moving objects within ~50m in a 120 degree arc, changeable over one round. User can only move slowly. Does not work in vacuum. 2 45


Space Rope 50 m of strong light cable 2 5
Rope Kit Enough clips, pulleys, and whatevers to do what you like with space rope 4 30
10’ Pole, telescoping Collapses to 2 feet. Can act as a jack manually or if connected to a power source. 5 25
Motor Can work with rope kits as winch, jacks, and other mechanical attachments. 7 90
Cutting Torch Chemical torch, can cut most metals at about 2’ a minute. 2 15
Laser Torch Can cut most metals at about 5’ a minute. Accurate and effective at up to 50 m. 2 70
Star Tarp 3m square, distributes heat over its surface and very tough. 5 20
“tools” General set of tools. Cost is % chance that the tools will be appropriate for any given problem. ENC can be distributed. Tools cannot handle the functions of the other listed items. 1/


Mulebot Mobile hauling robot. Moves at 6”, can handle most terrain, can inflate flotation riggers to pass water environments, can haul up to 50 ENC depending on their bulk. Numerous attachment points. Built in motor and loading arm. Good autopilot, remote controller. AC 1, 20 HP. 0 500
Equoid Gengineered from (mainly) horses, can survive the environment in most areas of Paradise. Can carry rider + equipment up to 25 ENC. Cost includes saddle etc. 0 200
Manta Skiff Flies up to 24 hours on one charge, 120 kmph. May be targeted by Malevolent in certain regions. Can carry up to a ton. Equoids do not fit. 0 2,000
Sand Skimmer Generates and surfs sonic wave that allow 100 kmph on sand. Carries up to 1.5 tons. 0 1,500
Ground Car A regular wheeled 4-door 4-wheel drive. Useful on plains and the few roads in and around Tarlkin’d Landing and some extraction sites. Carries 1,000 lbs. 1,000
Jetpack Can fly 20”/round for 5 min total. Burns reaction mass. Total encumbrance must be under 14 to fly. Refuel packs are ENC 4 and cost 50. 6 225


Loan of money 20% interest/week, assuming average credit rating among the loansharks of Tarlkin’s Landing. Tracker needle may be implanted.
Equipment rental Deposit of whole price of the equipment, 10% of cost per day. Credit rating may affect availability.
Selling Equipment 1/3 value.
Survival Treatment Administered by a Doctori once a week. After 4 weeks without treatment, at medical risk. Each week missed doubles the cost of treatment. 5
Living Arrangements Weekly price for a place to stay where you can expect your possessions to not be stolen and you can sleep without one eye open, regular meals, and other minor expenses. 3


Knife Does 1d4 damage, made of bulkhead steel. 1 5
Shockprod Does 1d6 damage, +2 to hit in most circumstances, since only contact is necessary. 2 30
Blast pistol 2d6 damage, 50 shots. ROF = 2. Extra battery costs 5. 1 60
Blast Rifle 2d6+1 damage, 100 shots. ROF = 2. Extra battery costs 10. 3 85
Sonic Stunner 1d8 damage, stun only. ROF = 1. Limited range. 20 shots. Extra Battery costs 2. 2 75
Flamer 2 handed with a backpack fuel cell. ROF = 1. 15’ range, 60 degree cone. Save vs. Dragon Breath or take 2d6, possibly ignite. 15 shots per tank, refill tanks cost 20 and 3 ENC. 6 80
Knockout Gas Grenade Thrown at beginning of round, resolved at the end of the following round. Save vs. Poison or sleep in 15’ radius. 1 30
Frag Grenade Thrown at beginning of round, resolved at the end of the same round. 15’ radius Save vs. Dragon Breath or 3d6 damage, ac 3 and below, save indicates no damage, AC 4+ ½ damage. 1 25
Blast charge Can function as Frag Grenade or set and detonated by timer or remotely to do 6d6 damage to 5’ radius area. 1 45

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