Blackmoon Characters

Making a Character

Your character is an ambitious starman – an experienced space traveller with a broad variety of useful skills. He is striking out more or less on his own, whether he wants to or not. Unfortunately, he has washed up on Blackmoon, unemployed, friendless, and at the edge of destitution. You will roll dice to determine his characteristics and how much money he has, then you will invent his particular background. Finally, you will describe a special ability.

Characteristics: Roll 4d6 and total the highest 3 for each characteristic below, in order. Record the roll and the associated modifier.

Roll Modifier
3 -3
4-5 -2
6-8 -1
9-12 0
13-15 +1
16-7 +2
18 +3

Strength modifies hit and damage rolls in melee combat.
Constitution modifies hit points and some saving rolls.
Dexterity modifies ranged hit and damage rolls and AC.
Intelligence modifies technical rolls. Whatever they are.
Will modifies certain saving rolls.
Charisma modifies some reaction rolls and level wrt followers.

If you hate your rolls, roll again from the beginning.

Money: Roll the best 5d6X10. This is how many stardollars your character starts with. Spend as much of it on Blackmoon Equipment as you want.

Background: Make up a background that informs us about your areas of expertise. Maybe a sentence or two is appropriate at first.

Special Ability: Make up a special ability. It does not need to be entirely defined when your character starts play, and might not have an entirely predictable effect on the rules. That said, if you’d like your character to be a crack shot with his blaster pistol, consistently getting +1 to hit and damage, that would be a fine special ability.

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