Black Peaks Timeline

For convenience, the Black Peaks game uses the familiar names of the 12 months. On this timeline, I'll assume that every month has 4 weeks.

This Year


In late July, Lord Stefan and his forces confront the Dragon Army near Threshold in the Black Peaks. Stefan's forces take heavy losses but ultimately rout the Dragon Army. Most of the goblins scatter; a few remnants lurk in the Black Peaks. Much of Threshold is obliterated and the farm lands are ruined.


Stefan and his forces recover from the battle, when news of an uprising among his vassals draws him away, leaving Belrain the Sword-Singer in charge of the region around Threshold.

Fortune-seekers, mercenaries, robbers, and fools speculate that much can be gained in the region during this power vacuum. Tyrfing the Dwarven Hero arrives, accompanied by


1. Expedition to the Lost Mine. The Nichtgetan Family of Dwarves has apparently been killed off by the Toothgnasher Goblins.

2. Return to the Lost Mine. Toothgnasher Clan of Goblins exterminated by the Three. The Three recover news that Dwarf Lord Heimdall is held prisoner deep in the Steachwarrens. Several bandits - lackeys of Bargle the Warlock and Renata the Robber are captured.

3. The Lost Mine Strikes Back. The Three kill Halfling Swordmaster Rosehill. Froderic is charmed by Bargle, but the group captures Elizabeth the Augur. Renata's bandits raid the Threshold granary.

4. The Desecrated Church. Belrain places a bounty on Renata's head. News of Heimdall's survival reaches the Dwarven diaspora.


1. Typical harvest time - but there's no crops.

2. (First Dwarven emissaries likely to arrive in Threshold)

3. (Froderic's charm expires)

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