Black Peaks Supporting Cast

A note about levels: Dungeons & Dragons is a game where characters have "levels" describing their relative power. I thought I'd provide a chart listing what this means in the game-world, with some real-world professional equivalents.

Level In Game In Law In Science
1 Rookie, but blooded Young associates at a firm Doctoral students
3 Boss, mentor figure Senior attorney Adjunct professor
6 Significant authority Partner at big firm, judge Tenured professor
9 Hero, best in a generation Scalia, Brennan, Posner Watson & Crick, Feynman
12 Epic hero, best of all Blackstone, Holmes, Hamilton Newton, Galileo
15 Mythological, god-like Moses, Hammurabi, Confucius Aristotle, Archimedes


By Session

March 14, 2008



  • Muckle, a goblin watchman
  • Ugblatt, a hobgoblin slave driver, killed by the heroes
  • Weevil, a goblin king missing his wife Weevilla
  • Weevilla, a goblin queen held as a slave, in love with Elphy

April 2, 2008


  • Bodhi the Medium
  • "Fingers" the Apprentice
  • Acolyte Thorna
  • Acolyte Viktra
  • Squire William (formerly Willy the Page)


  • Muckle, a goblin watchman killed by the heroes
  • Weevil, a goblin king executed by Elphy
  • Weevilla, a goblin queen, with mixed feelings for Elphy
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