Black Peaks

James's game is set in the foothills of the Black Peaks. This region, also called the Steach, used to be the homeland of the Dwarves until it was overrun a century ago by the Dragon Army. Very recently Lord Stefan routed the Dragon Army, but he could not stay to hold the territory. There is now a power vacuum in the region, and as political forces jockey in the background, intrepid adventurers flock to the town of Threshold to win fortune, glory, and power.


  1. Expedition to the Lost Mine of the Nichtgetan
  2. Return to the Lost Mine of the Nichtgetan
  3. The Lost Mine Strikes Back
  4. The Desecrated Church
  5. Parley with the White Raven
  6. Assault on Casa Bargle
  7. Of mice and no men
  8. Into Rary's Tower

Members of the Three

Kin to Belrain the Sword-Singer

Deceased members


Supporting Cast


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