Battle Goat

I've based this loosely off the warhorse. I'd suggest that damage for the butt should be 1d8. Even a mere riding horse is doing 1d4/1d4, and this is still inferior to the 1d6/1d6 of the full warhorse). I also think they should have a bit more range and be able to cover rougher terrain, though they would not be appropriate for large, heavily armored riders. here's a shot at a stat block, with some reference material from the Expert Book below.

Battle Goat
Armor Class 7 (5 with barding)
Hit Dice 3
Move 180' (60')
Attacks 1 butt
Damage 1-8
Save As Fighter 2
Morale 8
Alignment Neutral
Cost in GP 200

Battle Goat: These large Caprids are bred for their size, ferocity and strength. Much larger and sturdier than their domestic cousins, Battle Goats can carry small or lightly armored riders, and will fight fiercely in battle. While they cannot be ridden long distances at speed, the Battle Goat is more comfortable on rough or rocky terrain, and can often negotiate difficult that might slow or stop a horse. Battle Goats do not charge like warhorses, but may attack in each combat round with their powerful butt attack. A Battle Goat can carry 2000cn at full speed, and 4000cn at half speed. Battle Goats are much rarer than horses, and may only be purchased through dealers of exotic animals.


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