Barnaby Flanders

Barnaby Flanders - Current

Barnaby Flanders is currently a roc.

He has had a long and illustrious career with the Company of Crossed Swords, as a fighter and a thief. His current incarnation came about thusly: he joined the Company on an adventure to a forgotten tomb (G179). In an unfortunate encounter with a gray ooze, Barnaby was killed, again. Unable to raise him from the dead, the Company brought his remains to Gaumont Ox-Eye, who once again utilized his wondrous powers and reincarnated Barnaby, again.

Barnaby came back as a roc, still green and leafy, with the following statistics:

Player foner
Alignment Lawful
Movement 20' land / 160' flying
Armor Class 4
HD 6d8
Hit Points 23
Attacks 2-5/2-5/1-12 (claw, claw, bite)
Special Abilities
Barkskin: As per the Druid spell, permanent effect.
Bends But Does Not Break: He can survive double his level in negative HP before being killed.

He is still intelligent, and can converse with other characters, as well as with other rocs. His special abilities remain intact. He is still playable as a character, but he cannot gain experience. He is currently living on the land he had previously purchased near town. He is proud to still be a member of the Company of Crossed Swords. He looks forward to the next adventure.

At the beginning of G193, Bouvier des Flanders spent 2400 GP to help build improvements on Barnaby's land. This involved building a giant nest, as well as fortifications.

Barnaby Flanders - Thief

Player foner
Class Thief 6
Alignment Lawful
Strength 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 5 (-2 on magic-based saving throws)
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Charisma 10
Armor Class 5
Hit Points 13
XP 30,765 xp
GP 3,988 gp
Special Abilities
Barkskin: As per the Druid spell, permanent effect.
Bends But Does Not Break: He can survive double his level in negative HP before being killed.
Noteworthy Possessions
Judgement: +1 Greatsword of Initiative, +1 Leather Armor, Ring of Fire Resistance
(3) +1 arrows, Spy's earring


Barnaby Flanders had a distinguished career with the Company of Crossed Swords as a warrior of great bravery and skill (see below). His days as a great warrior ended at the hands of Ghaarn, a frog demon who made a meal of his head. But that was not the end of his days. While they were unable to bring Barnaby back through the usual methods, the Company of Crossed Swords arranged to have him reincarnated.

A great wizard was retained. Barnaby's body was planted in the ground, great magics were invoked, and a new Barnaby was grown from the remains of the old. New Barnaby was definitely changed. His green hair and hardened, bark-like skin were the most visible of these changes, but he was different in other ways, too. His connection to the plant world was unmistakable. His change in behavior and personality was unmistakable, too. Gone was the bravado, and some would say recklessness, of his former self. In its place there came a new sense of purpose, a new set of skills, and a new set of challenges.

Since it was plants that saved him, he believes he should return the favor. He has purchased a large tract of land in the Ruined Vales in order to one day start a plant sanctuary. He intends to grow various sorts of plants there, in order that he may learn the best ways of tending to them and teach these ways to others. He also plans to purchase rare and endangered plants so that he may grow them, get others to grow them, and ensure their survival. With his new skills, he fashions himself something of a Robin Hood, hoping to liberate treasure and use it for the good of plants.

After several attempts to make this land viable, Barnaby ran into various difficulties. Various search parties were sent to survey the land, many of them not returning. Those that did return told of much of the land being underwater and covered with ruined buildings. It also appeared to have been taken over by bandits. Sensing the difficulty in making this work, Barnaby decided to look elsewhere. He purchased land (4000 GP worth) near town from the House of Marais. He is making his plant sanctuary there instead. The land seems suitable, and he is building a stone house on the property.

After a particularly harrowing adventure (G155), Barnaby was quite badly injured, and almost died. Although his hardiness saved him from a terrible fate, he was not quite right once he recovered. (This resulted in him losing 1 Charisma, which is reflected above.)

During another harrowing adventure (G175), Barnaby was the only person on watch, and was unable to resist the charms of a group of harpies. The rest of the party tracked down the harpies and defeated them. Pritchard Hood, at great personal risk, rushed Barnaby's remains back to town where Audrey invoked the power of Seff to bring him back. This was successful, and Barnaby was pledged to serve the forces of law, knowing that he would be called upon to perform service for them.

Barnaby Flanders - Fighter

Player foner
Class Fighter 3
Alignment Neutral
Strength 13 (+1 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 13 (1 extra language)
Wisdom 14 (+1 on magic-based saving throws)
Dexterity 12
Constitution 7 (-1 hit points per die)
Charisma 10 (max. 4 retainers; 7 morale)
Armor Class 2
Hit Points 14
XP 4889 xp (gets 5% bonus on earned XP)
GP 225 gp
Special Ability
Immune to Disease: immune to all forms of disease; this also includes a +1 to saves vs. poison


Barnaby Flanders has a very poor constitution. As a child, this caused him to get every disease there is. Somehow, he survived all these terrible afflictions and came out the stronger for it, building up a complete and total resistance to such maladies.

Because of his frequent bouts of sickness, he was seen as a weakling and taunted mercilessly as a child. As an adult, he seeks to overcome the perceived weakness of his youth by proving himself in battle. He has therefore set off to find fame and fortune and become the man no one ever thought he would.

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