Bargle the Warlock


Bargle the Warlock was a liar and a murderer. He was a sociopath with no respect for the moral beliefs of others. Bargle was erudite, and could be polite in a sly sort of way for an hour or two. But ultimately this mask always fell off. For Bargle, a Magic-User stood in relation to common men as a man among dogs. He was filled with delusions of grandeur, believing himself the greatest Magic-User of this century; that he enjoyed so little esteem and recognition was due to the ceaseless plotting of unnamed rivals and certain treacherous demons. He was a deeply disturbed man.

Bargle was killed in the depths of Dyson's Delve, trying to recruit Moloch the Black Dragon to his cause, by a party of bloody-handed adventurers eager to revenge themselves upon the evil Magic-User for some old wrong. The adventurers in turn were slaughtered by the Dragon's army of Troglodytes.

Much like Lord Stefan, Bargle has made many enemies and now stands almost entirely alone. Given Bargle's ambition, madness, and deadly power, however, anyone seeking to tangle with him will have to pay a high price in blood.

Class Magic-User 6
Alignment Chaotic
Armor Class 8
Hit Points 18
Attacks Magical Dagger (+4 to hit, 1d4+1 damage)
Special Arcane Spells
Points 500
Gear Spellbook, Magical Dagger


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