Barbarossa doesn't really deserve stats, because he only lasted two sessions (committing suicide to learn the secrets of the Pharaoh's Tomb).

He was a fanatical believer in the tactical superiority of the Pole-Arm over all other forms of weaponry, and any stimuli elicited a discourse on the differences between the bec-de-corbin, the ranseur, the fauchard fork, the ear-spoon, the glaive, the guisarme, the glaive-guisarme, the voulge, the halberd, the lucern hammer, the awl pike, and so forth.

Like Hawkeye of the Avengers, he had a quiver of pole-arms with screw-top heads, so that he could form all sorts of specialized absurd weapons.

During his brief adventuring career he slew several goblins, fire beetles, and a rust monster. He traveled between multiple dimensions, got shot in the back of the head by an arrow, recovered, and then charged Anubis the god of death. This last proved ill-advised.

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