Assault On Casa Bargle

Date: October 1, 2008

Scenario: Recover Ruins
Setting: Goblin Castle, an delapidated motte & bailey castle at the center of Threshold
Opposition: Bargle the Warlock, Lumpy, many goblins and bandits
Adventurers: Von Floyd, Oxyclean, Blackwater, Maduro, Kottar, Clearasil the Smooth, Grub

Find Bargle! Slay all in your path! Such is the motivation of the adventurers this evening. Hatred of the notorious Bargle, the orders of Belrain the Sword-Singer, and negotiations with the Company of the White Raven have combined with simple bloodlust to launch an assault on an old, but fortified, castle in the middle of ruined Threshold. Here's how it went down:

  1. In addition to the welcome return of Kottar and Grub, the gang hires 10 helpers and mercenaries.
  2. Maduro lays out some gold to buy a light catapult and some rounds of flaming pitch.
  3. Grub and Kotter reconnoiter Goblin Castle, spotting a canoe that brings food to the garrison.
  4. The gang waylays the canoe, killing two bandits and cutting off the food supply.
  5. From extreme long range, the catapult attacks the bailey—well beyond what its defenders can reach with their puny bows.
  6. When the Goblin infantry rushes out to stop your catapult, zap them with sleep and kill them all.
  7. Continue to bombard the bailey. Your true enemies will probably escape unnoticed at this point.
  8. Offer to negotiate surrender terms: give us the heads of Bargle or Lumpy and you'll live - except this is beyond the Goblins' power
  9. Keep firing! And… some more artillery, until nightfall.
  10. When the catapult gets attacked by Lumpy in the darkness, charm him into your service.
  11. Attaaaaaaack!!! With your bugbear and mercenary meat-shields, rush the palisade and sweep into the place.
  12. Retreat! When a flock of demon-birds in the chapel kill Oxyclean and two mercenaries, and a giant wolf nearly kills Kottar, it's time to regroup

We broke with the Goblin Castle in flames, the bailey pretty much demolished, the flaming pitch all used up, Maduro left behind guarding the catapult, and a bunch of other enemies (including a flock of demon-birds) possibly lurking in the shadows…

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