B4: The Desecrated Church

Real World Info

Date August 2, 2008
Location Cafe 28, Manhattan
Players James, Doug, Tavis, Joti, E.T., and Mike

Game World Info


Black Water the Veteran, Jarlos the Acolyte, Grub the Apprentice, Maduro the Adept, Allister the Medium. Later joined by Cotter the Halfling Veteran, Rogol the Veteran and Thorina the Acolyte.


Recover Lost Ruins: the once-prosperous town of Threshold has lain in ruins for generations. Belrain the Sword-Singer, who hopes to use the village as a base of operations to mop up the remnants of the Dragon Army, has offered a reward to any brave adventurers who can clear the town of lurking monsters and scurvy bandits.


The ruins of Threshold: in particular, a desecrated church. (Other sites for later adventures in this scenario include the Old Castle, the Farm Gate, and Richboro.)

Capsule Summary

An encounter with a rival band of adventurers led by Thorina the Acolyte results in an uneasy truce. Brother Jarlos is ripped to pieces by zombies, and Allister the Medium dies of self-doubt inflicted by demons-of-darkness. By heeding the words of a child's ghost, and the judicious use of flaming oil, the group retrieved a silver church bell which dispelled the curse over the church grounds, caused by the church elders abandoning child parishoners during the initial attack by the Dragon Army 100 years ago.

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