Audrey Carcassonne
Player naked samurai
Class Cleric 3
Title Priestess
Alignment Lawful
Special Turn Undead, Languages (Common)
Strength 6 (-1 to hit, damage)
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14 (+1 on magic-based saving throws)
Dexterity 13 (-1 to AC, +1 initiative)
Constitution 14 (+1 hit points per level)
Charisma 14 (+1 reaction adjustment)
Armor Class 1
Hit Points 7
Special Ability
Can use spears and javelins; uses Dex modifier in melee to hit with spears
Noteworthy Possessions
shield of orcish iron +1


Born on a poor farmstead in western Caurenze, Audrey was slated along with her sisters for years of adolescent work on neighboring manors at domestic work when a massive boundary oak filled with angels, collectively calling to her to servitude to Seff, the Goddess of Spears, lieutenant to Trianoma, confirming what she had already known in her heart. Eventually her fervor caused all the houses to turn her loose to make her way in the world, with donated armor, a mace, a shield, a spear, and some javelins.

Thin-limbed, skinny and years from full womanhood, her moments of girlish passion are inflected by moments of brooding intensity over her destiny and uncertainty about what forms law, justice and righteousness must take, within the brightness of her avatar.

She is colorless in feature, though her cheekbones given to flushes of color, her hair a sunwashed blonde tied in double braids wrapped beneath her helmet. The day the angels sat upon the branches and called to her, she says, is when her hazel-brown eyes evaporated into the brightest blue…

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