Descriptors provide a summary of your non-average attributes for ease of use in play. The DM will generally want you to describe your player using your descriptors at the start of each session.

The descriptors for each attribute are:

Attribute High Descriptor Low descriptor
Strength mighty feeble
Intelligence bright dim
Wisdom insightful foolish
Dexterity skillful clumsy
Constitution tough frail
Charisma inspirational laughable

For determining descriptors, you get a bonus to the primary and secondary attributes of your class: this does not change your actual score. The primary attribute for your class is counted as +3 to your rolled score, and your class' secondary attribute is counted at +2 to your score.

For the three standard classes:

Class Prime Attribute Secondary Attribute
Fighting Man/Woman strength dexterity
Magic-User intelligence constitution
Cleric wisdom charisma

So for each of your attribute scores, consult the below table:

Attribute Extraordinarily Low Low Descriptor No descriptor High Descriptor Extraordinarily High
Primary NA 3-7 (and is also high) NA 8-12 13-18
Secondary 3 4-6 7-10 11-13 14-18
Other Attributes 3-5 6-8 9-12 13-15 16-18

For example, a Magic-User with the following stats would have these descriptors and describe herself as, "Ivana, who is dim and bright, extraordinarily foolish, and tough."

Ivana the Idiot-Savant

S 11
I 5 dim and bright
W 3 extraordinarily foolish
D 10
C 11 tough
Ch 9
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