Andro Shmargen
Player FredH
Class Halfling 2
Title Halfling Warrior
XP 3077 (Session 63: 800xp)
GP 2031 gp
Alignment Lawful
Special +1 to hit w/missiles, +1 to ind. initiative, 10% to be detected in woods/underbrush, 1-2 on 1d6 to NOT be seen if cover & still, Languages (Common, ?)
Strength 10
Intelligence 10 (reads and writes native languages)
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 11 (+1 bonus to missile fire, +1 to initiative, +2 bonus to AC when attacker is Large)
Constitution 9
Charisma 6 (-1 reaction adjustment; max. 3 retainers; 6 morale)
Armor Class 2 (0 when attacker is Large)
Hit Points 10
Special Ability
Fortuitively Getting Lost
Noteworthy Possessions
Short bow (1d6), quiver w/20 normal arrows & 16 arrows +1, sling (1d4) w/30 sling stones, small hammer (1d6?), plate armor, shield, leather armor (stored), backpack, small sack, standard rations (5 days), keg of butter

Originally from Shireton, Andro has a habit of trying to go places, though he does not know the way. Intending to head for the other side of town, somehow he got turned around and ended up all the way out in Malinbois, where he joined the Company of the Crossed Swords—after all, it's harder to get lost when you're following a bunch of other people. He seems to be bonding with Hanna and Pritchard Hood. Really likes butter.

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