Andore was a thief who displeased Miranda d'Ambreville and was punished with imprisonment in a cursed tapestry. He was released from the tapestry by an unwitting Cut Coutelain, and attempted to escape to Elysien. He was eventually retrieved from a group of Darokinese deserters who had turned to banditry in the Occupied Territories. In order to return Cut Coutelain to his rightful body, the Company of Crossed Swords made an arrangement with Gaumont Ox-Eye to have Andore's soul reincarnated. Much to everyone's surprise, Andore emerged from the earth as a green-haired Dwarven woman. Andore is currently adjusting to her new life at the Temple of Trianoma, and living off a generous gift of gold from Ja'Tubis.

note: The roll for level retention on Andore's reincarnation was a 5

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