Al-Bim's Tower

An abandoned wizard's tower in the Blightlands, formerly used by the archmage Halad al-Bim. It is near Tirru-Stryggal.

Al-Bim died relatively recently: when the adventures get underway, Stryggal Threestakes is inventorying loot taken from a raid on the place, and al-Bim's embittered apprentice, Stanus Ash-Eater is still alive, resentful of the circumstances surrounding his late master's burial. If I had to guess, al-Bim died; his body and at least one of his treasures was taken to Tannoch, Stanus followed after some delay, and the Tower was abandoned, left for the orcs (and others) to raid. This might have been as much as five or ten years ago, if al-Bim and Stanus did a good job of hiding a few of al-Bim's treasures, such as al-Bim's Mirror.

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