aft gang agley

Mouse Guard in the Black Peaks setting

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, gang aft agley.




  • Scott - Saxon
  • Adrian - Dain
  • Doug - Sadie


It is fall in the realm of mouse guard and food has been unusually scarce this year. Will the mice have enough food to survive winter? Sprucetuck may not.
Gwendolyn dispatches some of the mouse guards finest to retrieve 'found food' as described by Aaron the Raven. Their mission is to bring back the food to Lockhaven.

Additional information

Sprucetuck is in more dire need than the other settlements due to large quantities of their grain shipments 'going missing'


  • Saxon 'Find out who caused the waylaying of the original shipment to Sprucetuck and deal with them by the point of the sword'
  • Dain 'Make sure Gwendolyn's rational plan is carried out'
  • Sadie 'Secure the food! Feed the mice!'

GM Turn

The patrol assumed that Aaron the Raven would guide them to the location of the 'found food' but were soon dismayed when he flew off at great speed in the direction of Sprucetuck. He was soon out of sight to the patrol.

Fortunately, Dain had secured a map of the route to Sprucetuck (successful resources test). With this and the aid of Sadie's star-wise, Saxon attempted to guide the patrol towards Sprucetuck and, hopefully, the 'found food'. By day they used the map and by night the stars mapped their course. Unfortunately, during the night the stars became obscured by cloud and the mice lost their way (failed pathfinder test). The patrol were now tired (compromise of failed test) and were at a loss of what to do when rounding a corner they saw an unusual sight.

They saw what looked like a giant-sized path barring there way. On it was a very large sack that was feverishly being attended to by a collection of rather skinny looking mice. (compromise of failed test was success with condition - tired). The sack seemed to be leaking grain!

Dain recognized that the mice were from Sprucetuck and attempted to find Alexander amongst the group (circles test) as he was the grain keeper when he lived in Sprucetuck. What he found was the new grain keeper, Kirk, who doesn't like Dain (failed circles test resulted in emnity twist).

Kirk informs the patrol that they are taking the grain to Sprucetuck and he rather resents the Mouse Guard muscling in on the operation. He has the help of Odo and Bella who are attempting to wrangle hares to drag the huge sack of grain to Sprucetuck.

The two groups get into an argument (argument conflict) about the destination of the grain.

The argument is eventually won by Kirk and his group and the grain is taken back to Sprucetuck but the following transpired from the argument,

  1. Sadie's belief of acting with her heart damaged the patrols argument. She began to see Kirk's point of view and the skinny mice made her brash attacking statement of 'we are fitter and are armed' ring rather hollow.
  2. Saxon's lie about an imminent attack by the weasel's swayed the argument into a compromise (Kirk lost more than half his disposition on Saxon's maneuver).
  3. It is only Kirk's emnity towards the guard that prevents the grain going to Lochhaven (as a result of Dain's failed circles test Kirk gained +3s in his argument disposition)

So, the grain goes to Sprucetuck but the patrol finds out that Sadie's long standing enemy, Shane the trader, made off with Sprucetucks grain shipment (the result of the compromise).
Also, Kirk says that if the grain shipments are returned to Sprucetuck he will let the patrol take the 'found food' back to Lockhaven.

Player's turn

The mission failed. The grain was not returned to Lochhaven. The patrol, therefore, try to complete their goals in the players turn.

  • Sadie tries to locate Shane (via a circles test) with the help of Dain's archival skill she finds a pattern in Shane's business transactions with Sprucetuck. Each year he's roughly in the same place and she knows where to find him. Sadie and Saxon venture to the location and find Shane. (Sadie had one free check to spend and she uses a persona point and her 'clever' trait to locate Shane)
  • Saxon accompanies Sadie and finds Shane. He intimidates Shane into promising to return Sprucetucks grain with his sword! (Saxon has one free check to spend). Shane, Sadie and Saxon return the grain to Sprucetuck.
  • Dain investigated the container of the 'found food' to find a weasel claw in the tight knit of the bag.


  • Saxon achieved his goal (in the players turn)
  • Sadie did not achieve here goal
  • Dain did not achieve his goal
  • All three are still 'tired'

Next session the patrol will attempt to find and transport the recovered grain to Sprucetuck and return the 'found food' to Lockhaven.

Points of interest

  • It appears to be key to play against your traits in order to amass enough checks to complete your goal in the players turn in case you fail a crucial test in the GM's turn. We didn't amass any checks. (I think this is the only way you can accrue tests in the players turn).
  • We generated one twist. Dain's failed circles test resulted in an emnity twist.
  • Sadie should have played her belief against herself in the argument, seeing the side of the starving mice of sprucetuck and earn herself a fate point.
  • I don't think we used instincts anywhere.
  • The GM's turn should end when we finish our mission or we run out of time. We kind of decided that we had failed the mission and then set about trying to tie it up in the player's turn (at least I did). So I think spending a test finding Shane was good but it should have ended there. Saxon's test should have been limited to getting a confession out of Shane.
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