Acid Fantasy, Scum Swamp hex

In 1976, Paul Jaquays wrote about this region:

This map was printed in Silver Springs, Michigan and mailed to a bookstore in Grand Rapids, about four hexes away, where it was bought by one of my first wife's nine elder siblings. It came into my possession when we cleared out the family toy chest in 1992, but it wasn't until 2008 that I realized its brilliance: across a hundred and nine millennia, Jaquays gives a remarkably accurate description of this portion of the Awesome Planet.

Sites Visited by the Grey Company

P is a monumental black skeletal finger, hollowed out and inscribed with the legend of a long-dead emperor's chief sorceror, F'chelrak. Unexplored doors remain in this area. This was the southernmost of the four towers seen in E. N. Lightenment's vision. The others are thought to be one of Ashur Ram's howling or ghost towers (west), the Tower of the Stargazer (north), and the Citadel of Fire (east).

R is the sanctum of Tim the Moonslayer. The cloaks of the Grey Company came from here, and its former ruler Borshak was one of hundreds of humanoids destroyed here, in large part using scrolls taken from the complex. Philomena says that Tim was her master, and that everyone he trained is forbidden to enter. This site was shunned by John Fighter due to meta-knowledge, and was last seen in shambles many months ago.

Expeditions from Lake Geneva

Over the last two years, powerful groups always containing thirteen adventurers have come down the road. The first expedition fought a battle at B, lost an adventurer to a lake monster, circled the lake on foot, and then crossed on the back of the lake monster. Divinations show that they skirted the castle at D, crossed the causeway and entered the cistern at E, and eventually emerged at F. They paused there for a moment then went below again; when they emerged they were carrying a captive. The next year they met a sizable group of dwarves on the road at B and then entered the cistern following encounters with manticores and werebears. They emerged from the cistern without visible booty.

Expeditions from Southern California

While overflying the region in Celerion's chariot, scores of henchmen fell from the tarn nets following a surprise attack by a balrog who was hiding inside the central hut. Survivors report that J is a city filled with ghouls; that K is a monumental skeletal rib that forms a bridge across the river; and that after taking shelter in the woods near F, they encountered a sizable lizardfolk patrol from the tribe at L.

Unanswered Questions:

- What scale did Jaquays have in mind for this map? Could it have been influenced by the Judges Guild stuff?
- What do the ACKS rules tell us about the barony of Krakesborough, to which this castle, cistern, village, and graveyard all once belonged?

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