General skills are listed below. Note that each skill is has a starting value that is usually the sum of two characteristics. Player characters distribute 100 points among the skills. You may spend no more than 50 points on any one skill, and must spend at least 20 points on three skills. You must be able to justify each skill point spent to a skeptical auditor by explaining the character's background. The background also will tell us whether a specific application of the skill would be square within the character's expertise (x1.5 chance), in an associated but unfamiliar area (x1), or in a totally unfamiliar area (x0.5).

Skill Base Chance
HTH Fighting STR + DEX
Small Arms DEX + DEX
Heavy Weapons SIZ + STR
Pilot / Drive DEX + POW
Ride CON + CHA
Sneak DEX + (25 - SIZ)
Defense INT + POW
Athletics DEX + STR + CON
Survival CON + INT
Spot Hidden INT + POW
Intuition POW
Research INT + INT
Repair INT + DEX
Medicine INT + INT
Bargain INT + CHA
Learn Culture POW + CHA
Command POW + CHA
Fast Talk INT + POW
Tactics INT + POW
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