G99: Rumble in Rattlecart

Date: 16 Sept 2011
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Charlie & Hanna Darrowkin, Martin le Black, Ja' Tubis, Ridiculossus, Wolfgang Zanzibar


From the journal of Wolfgang Zanzibar - a tale of halfling sorcery and depravity and the just desserts thereby reaped

20th of February - the Company arrives at Rattlecart, a halfling settlement. To call it a town would be inaccurate as the halflings live in holes burrowed into the soil. They are a good-natured lot, communal and industrious, though these traits do not compel them to produce wealth or the accoutrements of civilization.
The community is in distress due to the disappearance of a half-dozen of their folk. The mayor Cormac asks us to find and retreive his kin, though without compensation. Though penniless ourselves, we accept the task at the insistence of Charlie and Hanna. Honnestly, my father's tennant farmers surely earn a more profitable living then that of an adventurer.

Loaded with supplies, townsfolk Dando Emberwick and Mili Parsnip, and Company members Charlie, Hanna, Martin, Ja' Tubis, Ridiculossus, and myself, set out north in search of captured halflings. What we find is a nightmare of sorcerous depravity.
We enter a forest of gnarled and rotten trees. I find a tree with a tunnel burrowing into the ground and the party investigates. The tunnel leads deep into the ground into a cave filled with beetles and insects. We are attacked by four hideous monstrosities: a giant slug sporting a cow skull and bone armor, as well as three fleshy centipedes who's faces bear an odd resemblance to the missing halflings. We later discover that they are indeed halflings - transformed through vile sorcery. We quickly slay the abominations and press on. In the room beyond we find a large throne fashioned from a giant spider long since dead. Ja' Tubis sits upon the throne and is overcome with madness, claiming he can see through the beetles' eyes. The madness is fleeting and he soon regains his senses - though one can never be too sure with him…

Presently we find some halfling accoutrements: a bag of pipeweed, moldy books, etc. Further in the caves we find a shaft going further down. A demonic statue spouts mist from it's mouth and in front of it lies what appears to be a sacrificial bowl.
Charlie opens a writhing bag only to be attacked by a swarm of giant centipedes - apparently not what he expected.
We meet Esmerelda and her father, a pair of wicked halflings who promptly attack us. Charlie steps forward to attack but falls into a pit trap. Martin and Hanna jump down to assist and quickly slay a carrion crawler, but not before Martin is paralyzed. Ridiculossus slays Esmerelda and the party finishes off her father, the sorcerer. The sorcerer has a cunning ability to walk on walls which we soon find out is the result of magical boots - Charlie is pleased.

We finish exploring the caves and find the captured halflings as well as an ill-favored man by the name of Pat who appears to be gifted with certain magical talents. We find a silver bowl, a necklace, two gems (the eyes of the statue), as well as the boots of spider climbing and the bag of pipeweed as noted previously. We slew the halfling Esmerelda, a halfling sorcerer, a carrion crawler, a giant slug, perhaps eight fleshy centipedes, around eight giant centipedes, and ordinary beetles and vermin beyond count.

We return to the five shires to much rejoicing - these halflings sure know how to celebrate! Ja' Tubis takes his leave from the Company - he has decided to dedicate himself forthwith to his dark mistress, the godess Umberlee.

We set out north to Glantri, newly provisioned.

We reach Favaro in the land of Darokin and there pawn our goods previously mentioned for 875 pieces of gold. We are not welcome here on account of being Glantrian. We head further north and encounter the Darokinese army on the border of the Broken Lands. We pay a fee of 500 pieces of gold to a caravan of House Thrale to buy safe passage through the Darokinese army.

Once past the army we travel through the broken lands and are attacked first by a chimera that we dispatch with relative ease, and the next day by two manticores that give us a fair bit of trouble. Pat the trickster proves his worth by frightening off one of the manticores with his sorcery. The other leaves with one of the caravan men in its clutches.

The company arrives safely in the land of Glantri.

Losses and Loot

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