G99 Carousing and Intersession

Carousing and inter-session planning for G99: Rumble in Rattlecart


Martín le Black

Martín le Black returns to Glantri City. He looks upon the place with a new eye. This was the place of his birth, his escape, his days of glory and shame. This Picturesque city of towers and slums perched high in the mountains.

He has crossed the Great Sea. He has died and returned. He has slain devils and angels. He has met the gods. He has grown large and then small and then large again. Martín le Black has seen the world.

Martín will decamp at the Chateau Hazart (inside the house, if possible), get himself washed and sorted. Is Millipede still around? Frantz should see the city, and visit Martín's the orphanage where he will rejoice and proselytize the great goddess Ululaya.

Martin will have Frantz shine his boots and polish his armor in preperation for Pritchard Hood's revel.

(I have no money, so this is just background

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