G97: The Jewels of Miranda d'Ambreville

Date: 1 Sept 2011
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Jorge, Pritchard Hood, Muridrin, Snickwick, Janus Stradivarian, Roland Zanzibar, Barnaby Flanders



After spending the cold winter months scattered and huddled away for warmth, the second string of the Company of Crossed Swords (variously known as “Success Team”, “The B Team”, and the “Beta Division”) reunited in the Company lodge in Malinbois. While the structure was still intact, the dubious superintendence of Louis Lamont had left the place in a somewhat disarrayed and malodorous condition.

The Company quickly resolved to set out once again for the Chateau D’Ambreville, following a bold challenge by Master Hood to plumb the depths of the third floor, and seek a decisive haul of the lost treasures of the D’Ambrevilles.

After some quibbling over the relative depths of various objects and locations, and shuffling of maps, the company marched off down the stairs.
The adventurers were quickly set upon by a swarm of Giant bees, not the first of such creatures encountered in the catacombs. The giant insects were dispatched handily, although Barnaby Flanders took a sting deep into the abdomen, and Pritchard lost his 6 ¾ foot pole (replete with continual light) down the center shaft of the giant stair. This was probably what alerted the night goblins to there presence.

As the war drums of the coal faced fiends below struck up their ominous meter, the company discarded the caution of careful mapping to charge down several large hallways, and into a massive dining hall where they barred themselves in. Some exploration proved this chamber to be not so far from previous excursions, opening onto the large noxious cloud previously observed.

Things really got interesting when the Company pressed on to find an ancient throne room, replete with a bejewed corpse on a throne and six innocuous suits of armor. After careful and clever planning, Jorg went in and threw the Chain of Immobilization on the floor.

Needless to say, the corpse was a nasty undead sorceress, Miranda D’Ambreville, and the armors were nasty automatons. A mighty battle ensued, spells were cast and dispelled, fighers fought mightily, potions invisible were quaffed, and ultimately the Halfling/Goblin chef got the Chain of Immobilizations garroted around the neck of the desiccated sorcerous, barely evading her malign touch. While not unscathed, the Company seemed to have outwitted their foe.

A truce was negotiated, the corpse and her minions stripped of jewels, weapons and a wand of Dispel Magic. The party set out upon a hasty retreat, when suddenly, exchanging some unseen signal, Pritchard and Roland Zanzibar fell back into combat, battling the wizardess and her unarmed fiends once more!

This was where it got really ugly. Check out the picture. Notice all the guys being choked and laying on the floor and so forth. There was a lot of this and it seemed fairly likely that this would be the end of the Success Team… but it wasn’t.

Through some bizarre combination of battle mad ingenuity, and a powerful front rank of mighty fighters, the party was able to utterly defeat all remaining baddies, wiping this Chaotic taint from the earth forever.

Badly wounded, the party ensconced planned their escape. Snickwick's scouting revealed that the Night Goblins lay in ambush outside the barred portal. Deciding that rest and patience would only benefit their situation, the B Team held the room for several hours. Even after the long wait, the Goblins were still in place. Luckily, both Pritchard Hood and Janus Strativarian still held Sleep spells, and the combined potency of the magic was enough to incapacitate their foes, and clear an escape to the surface.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated several giant bees, an undead sorceress, six suits of enchanted armor and a motley band of Night Goblins. They discovered a good bit of jewelry, and a wand of Dispel Magic. They also grabbed quite a bit of discarded silverware.

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