G96: Bandits, Berserking, and Quasquetonian Troglodytes

Date: 24 August 2011
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Audrey, Stradivarian, Jorge, Henri, Cut
Henchmen/Hirelings: Norrin*, Blondie
Time passed: 8 days (4 days in Eastkeep/Quasqueton; 4 in transit)


  • Looking for Quasqueton
  • Bandits (20)- the berseking helm!
  • Mountain lion and cubs
  • Unlucky goblins (4)
  • the stairs!
  • A stinking ghoul (1)
  • A lone fire beetle
  • Even stinking-er troglodytes (6)
  • More trogs as we escape (3)
  • The winter snows finally come to Glantri

Losses and Loot

The party thought to escape without casualty, but lost Norrin to a troglodyte. They recovered some chain mail and bows from the bandits, some loose coin, and escaped with a bearskin rug in tow. This was all sold.
For opponents defeated and treasures recovered, each PC received 135xp and 53gp. Blondie received 67xp and 25gp.

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