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Audrey Carcassonne

Audrey settles into a few months of winter in Eastkeep. Hopefully not a few months - if there is a break in the weather, she will cut straight for Malinbois, then hopefully Glantri City. A visit to her family would be wonderful. She misses the mulled wine, ham and quail dinners of this time of winter, the gemutlichkeit of hearth and family, but Caurenze is so far away. She has never been so far away.

To keep herself occupied, she takes it upon herself to inspect the battlements and wards of Eastkeep, provide guidance from mother Trianoma, and perform her duties as a priestess to the people of this wilderness. As a cleric of Seff, lieutenant to Trianoma, it is her duty to serve as proxy of the tri-faced goddess when necessary. Seff herself does not intercede in normal course of events, but provides the remove cold and fear, healing, food and water purification spells as needed.

Audrey also endeavors to erect a series of wayposts to mark the way to Quasqueton. In this she will be in partial discussion with the leadership of Eastkeep, but her mind is fairly resolute. An impressive mountain fortress such as the old du Gare fortress should be cleared and cleansed, and used for proper purposes. A series of small beacons would enable traveling bands of adventurers to do the first part of the job. Then civilization can move in.

She examines the military rationales behind this move, recognizing the beacons could provide movement back toward Eastkeep, for bandits and monsters, and so will not be foolish in their placement.

Carouse: Audrey does such things.

"An interesting proposal," says Gervesin de Marais, the Castellan of Eastkeep. "It would certainly be beneficial to have a military presence there. I can spare no men for this endeavor — my forces are enough to staff this keep, no more — but I do not oppose it, so long as you can vouch for your people. I will also provide you a Writ of Miracles, so that you may use your magics without fear of governmental reprisal." He regards Audrey sternly. "I will also levy the minimal penalty for having recently used those magics in the keep without a writ. A priestess of your order should know better."

Audrey settles in for the winter and begins making plans for the spring, when it will again become feasible to climb the snow-buried slopes and pass through the ice-crusted thickets of the heavily wooded hills above Eastkeep.

(You rolled a 1, spending 100gp and earning 100xp. Your modified reaction roll for dealing with the Castellan was 9: positive!)

Pritchard Hood

Pritchard is going to stay at the lodge in Malinbois, waiting to hear about what he needs to do to escape Evangelista's depredations.

How much downtime will we have?

If he has three weeks of downtime, Pritchard will research the spell Stinking Cloud (level 3).

If he has six weeks of downtime, he will also research the spell Fly (Level 3).

He has scrolls for both of these spells, so it may be "transcription" rather than "research". He has more than 3000 gp on hand, and research materials equivalent to 400 gp, so he can cover any monetary investment in the research/transcription.

This is not carousing but direct research/transcription.

Pritchard spends a few days in Glantri City procuring exotic magical components, ancient tomes and other assorted trinkets and gewgaws. Then, upon his return to the lodge in Malinbois, he spends three weeks establishing sorcerous communion with a foul, gaseous entity from another plane and bargaining for the use of its power. The effort proves successful, and Pritchard acquires the spell Stinking Cloud! (3d6 roll: 7.) After another three weeks of research, Pritchard forges a bond with an elemental from the Planes of Air, allowing him to draw upon its energies; he acquires the spell Fly. (3d6 roll: 7.)

In all, Pritchard has spent six weeks and 3,000gp and expended two spells from his scroll, but he has learned two new spells.


While the rest of the Beta Command wanders the deadly halls of the Chateau and Quasqueton, Snickwick quietly rides off with the last sled convoys of Glantri's insular Mountain Folk, into the the snowy highlands north of Caurenze. With Crumblerushes' ring in hand and her cryptic directions in mind the smallest sword will seek out the Muddlecarp burrows. Using his predict weather spell to anticipate any storms and, detect danger to guide the leather and bone sledges safely into the Folks' mountain vales, and on to Muddlecarp.

Over the course of the winter, Snickwick will study with the long bearded enchanters of Muddlecarp, and wile away long nights discussing gnomish poetry, philosophy and nature lore with these venerable sages. Snickwick will happily share his own gnowledge of physics and engineering with the Muddlecarp. Whenever possible, he will seek to impress the brave and mysterious Crumblerushes with his wit and learning (though he is far too shy to approach her directly).

While he would love to invite his dear friends Grittlesby and Frognettle, the two are burdened with a huge boot order for the officers corps of the Glanti light cavalry. While the life of a roaming gnome is full of mortal danger, many would argue this is preferable to the toil and stress of working life as a cog in the economic machine of Glantri City.

If possible, Snickwick will attempt to understand that elusive magic of the gnomes, Speak with Animals. This is a racial magic from the Gnome random list, but if at all possible, I'd like to try to try and get this into Snickwick's list of 'enchanter' spells… this is not presently covered in the rules, but it's worth a shot! Snickwick has about 500gp at present, he would also be willing to trade away one of his Shrieker bulbs, if that would sweeten the pot…

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