G94: Recovery of the Heartless Stone
Date: 11 august 2011
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Martín le Black, Bob Hazart, Wolfgang Zanzibar, Urstan the Dwarf, Rover the Kobold, Ridiculossus, Hanna Darrowkin, Duke Landrunner, Richard Loubeau
Time Passed: 3 days


Hanna lies on her stomach in bunk, drawing doodles on the side of a letter she is writing to Pritchard. Her feet kick in the air. Charlie is moaning and rolling around in his hammock on the other side of the room.

Dear Pritchard,

Why have you not responded to my last letter? I probably didn't send it, did I?

Well, we made it! We got what we came for! The heartless stone turned out to be heartless because it was an EYE. The weird eye of a big mangy puma thing with freaky tentacles crawling out of its back, blipping around here and there as it attacked us and its friends these human newt things sprang out of a well of water and attacked all of us. We killed them all, although the beast thing had its way with Robert - bet he was glad he left the boat this time! Ha ha! But really, it wasn't too bad. No one died. We killed them and pulled the chaotic eye thingie out of the cat's head and sure enough the Priestesses of Ululaya said that is what we came for!

Good thing, too. The up and down and over and around (mostly left and right and double back and everything changing) was getting to me. This dungeon and its rooms a-shiftin'. Gotta be kidding me.

First was ran into a dwarf and his giant friend, the giant friend like about three times as tall as me. The dwarf weirdly claimed to know lots about the dungeon and we followed him around for a bit. We ran into seven - SEVEN - black widow spiders. BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS. That were GIANT. One bit the crap out of me and I ALMOST DIED, but Martin rushed over and poured a magic potion of magic antidotes into my mouth.

Did I say no one died? Wait, that's not true. The dwarf, his name was Urstan, died. I mean, he died A LOT. He kept getting bitten and wounded and poisoned, but kept fighting on (not well). Then finally when the battle was over, he popped like a carbuncle and all his blood and poisoned guts went everywhere.

Oh, before the spiders was a room with a big tapestry with a tree on it. The tree talked to us and the giant, name of Duke, cut part of it. This wasn't too smart, and the tree talked to us, saying "Hey, stop cutting me like that!" It cast a spell and big stone tentacles came out of the ground. I wasn't buying it - I mean, a tree, in a tapestry, doing THAT? Huh, likely!

Anyway, everyone else was screaming and running, high stepping around like it was going to kill them. The giant thought he was swallowed by the ground. It was QUITE the scene.

We found some naked kobolds and took one of them. The rest got slept. The one we took was an alright guy, named Rover.

Found some treasure in an iron box… Let's see. Some giant mosquito bird things… A couple fire beetles that went down pretty fast… A bunch of those stupid rats again. A talking fireplace.

Well that was interesting: the fireplace took a shine to us. Zanzibar ate one of its scones. It told us where to find some stairs and before we knew it, heartless stone room!

Oh, right, there was an elf, too. Garland, this guy was. He died, though, hacked to bits by the humanewts.

Now we're sailing back to Ulalaya's city to get our rewards. Except I think she'll play some tricks on us. Hopefully more on Martin than on me or the others, because he deserves it.

Yours Most Truthfully and Sincerely,

Hanna, Esq.

Losses and Loot

After selling the ring found amongst the displacer's entrails, each survivor received 387gp and 5sp.
The xp for each survivor was: 419 (387g + 32 monsters)
Not yet sold: Elf's chainmail; contents of Elf's pouches; displacer hide
Not yet id'd: Elf's sword

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