G93 Carousing and Intersession

Carousing and inter-session page for G93: Undead Apes and Burning Bosslings in the Chateau.

Cut Coutelain

Cut buys a short sword, a shield, a dagger, a short bow and arrows, and a suit of plate armor for "Blondie" Billyup (110gp total). He also asks Pritchard about what manner of creature that burning man was, to try and prepare for fighting him.

Martin Le Black

Sitting around the fire in their small camp on the shores of Haddad-nan-Scher. Martin Le Black is gazing with an unusually thoughtful look at some small object as he rolls it in small circles in his palm.

He had been the the last to leave the audience chamber of the Scarlet Moon, even after Richard Loubou finished his whispered conversation with the Goddess. The priestess had pulled him secretly aside, and spoke in whispered urgency to the Black Swordsman as she presented her gift.

"Martin Le Black. Ululaya sees the passion, the struggle inside you. She smiles upon humans like us. We are agents of change, whether that change be spiritual, political, or physical. She would have you take this with you. It is an anchor stone, a pearly tear from her scarlet eye. It will anchor you to her waxing and waning, and it may help you to evade the aimless chaos of the place you seek."

With that, the robed acolyte placed a single pearl of deepest scarlet into his palm. It was beautiful. The richest red seemed to glow and swirl from with the translucence of the pearl. The perfect sphere seemed to radiate the power he had felt in the presence of Ululaya Immediately he felt the ebbing tide of the Scarlet Moon wash against his soul, and felt a trace of insight into this red goddess who had called them so far.

Looking up from his reverie, Martin turned his attention to the two devouts of the Moon Goddeess who had brought them south to this strange land of chaos…

"Priestess, what more can you tell me of Ululaya? I could not resist her call, and yet I have wandered these thousands of leagues from the City of Wizard Princes knowing little. I know she is a goddess of change, that she turned from the ways of old chaos to settle into neutrality in the great war of the gods. I know she is both fair and foul to look upon as her mood takes, her, but please my lady… tell me more. What is her tale? What is her will? What can you tell me of the ways of your order and of her most loved servants?"

If possible, Martin will carouse to glean more information on the goddess from the two sisters who accompanied them on the boat. The idea is that he would make some sort of tithe to the church. If I can't spend GP to get XP for this, Martin will simply speak with the sisters to gather information.

The acolytes regard Martin coldly. "The secrets of our Lady are not for the ears of outsiders," one responds.

"Especially foreigners," says the second.

The first nods in agreement. "Perhaps," she says, "if you were to become a priestess, you would learn more."

(Reaction roll: 2. Hostile.)

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