G91: Tomb of the Sea-Dwarf King

Date: 20 July 2011
DM: quendalon
PCs: Hanna Darrowkin, Charlie Darrowkin, Ja'tubis, Wolfgang Zanzibar, Moxie Redknuckle, Richard Loubeau


Hanna recounts:

So, I came back to the party near the coast with everyone really irritated about how little they got accomplished in some tower except to get some new recruits killed. What else is new? Charlie is not yet the great leader he will be someday but he shouldn't feel too bad about it. Where was I in all this? I went with Mom 'n Dabbler as far as the Five Shires and sent them home with their treasures and the greater treasures of our hugs and affection. I didn't want to go so far as Rattlecart because Jane and Rennie keep asking about me and I can't handle that right now. And now I feel embarassed about, you know, everything.

Charlie stayed behind because where would this group be without a halfling to lead it? Dead, probably.

We took the Wet Tuna or Salty Tuna or whatever it was to Ierendi where we raised some adventuring opportunities. The lady-captain did not want to wait too long but we were short on funds. Martin pretended to be seasick but was really just tipsy and making time with this captain lady. Robert was lost in the reveries of whatever chaos god now occupies his head.

Some rumors:

* Kidnappings and frog monsters in Makalawi
* Map for sale to tomb of a dwarven king
* A sea-witch and her offspring terrorizing the coast from the cavernous coven

We didn't buy the tomb map from some maimed beggar and an enemy party bought it instead. Kind of steamed about this, Richard liquored them up and they joined us instead. We left the next day with Anja Hammerhead and the Spikes.

Deeper into the island we got attacked by about a million rock baboons in the hills. We were filed in shared rank with the Spikes on the right flank. Each side turned away their monkeys and the big assault group came loping down the hill ahead of us. When the Spikes weren't looking, Richard shot a bunch of them with a phantasmal fireball and they thought they were dying of fire when in truth they were really drowning in the stream they fell face-first into. Kind of sad, if you think about it.

Halfnose Spike died in the battle. I got a whole lot of ape gore over my front. This new guy, Zanzibar, did really well. Richard kept telling us how he backstabbed one of these clobbering orangutangs and killed it to bits. So what? I stabbed one repeatedly in the kidneys, too.

We spread out and searched for their lair. Never found it. Zanzibar came back white as a sheet saying he talked to some creepy monster that let him go.

Finally at the tomb, we found a huge open archway and a platform in the large first chamber with stairways on each side. Muddy tracks all around and old rotten dwarf corpses on the ground. Halfear Spike and I went up a stairway to the platform and I nearly died! A bunch of bandits leapt out of the shadows and stood on a higher hidden platform and zinged crossbow bolts in every which direction. I got sliced! I got shot! It hurt really bad and all I could do was shove forward and eventually put my shield over my head. Oh, and Halfear died, I guess.

Battle raged everywhere. I quietly sipped a healing potion. Ja'Tubis zapped a fear spell. Richard zapped a light spell and a sleep spell. Moxie, some elf I guess came with us, got backstabbed to death. Right - I remember him - I kept asking which of his knuckles was the red one, because that's what he called himself. Redknuckle. Another Spike died, named Halfcocked (don't want to ask about that one), but I missed it in the action.

One captive, eight dead bandits! We climbed to the upper loft where most the bandits were. What a strange tomb this was. Turns out the tomb part was farther on.

The captive bandit told us what to expect down the way. We found a strongbox with coins and some books, then bust into a crypt where a WIGHT dwarf old king of the sea people jumped at us from the shadows and swiped at me. That made me mad!

Ja'Tubis turned him with the powers of Hippopotamus and he slunk back to his sarcophagus, trying to pull the lid shut, but I drilled him with a holy water. The best guys of us stood around his stony, cramped home as Zanzibar pulled the lid open, and I whiffed with Sixty Six Fangs while Charlie, good buddy, drilled the thing in the head with the Hammer of Lilith he was given to use for this purpose of such drilling.

We dragged everything back to the Ierendi city. We sold the dwarven artifacts and turned in the bandit creep. Much discussion about two items that appeared magical — leather armor and a sword. While Zanzibar is an awesome guy and a new favorite I have a soft spot for getting Richard back into a bit better protection. Martin should let him use Bazilien for a while. The guy's got fighting chops. Chop chop chop.

Losses and Loot


3 Spikes and Moxie Redknuckle- the penniless, frail Elf with the tough name


  • Various bandit gear, including an unidentified magic sword and magic leather armor, and what appears to be two potions
  • Dwarven artifacts: Duran's armor, royal medallion, axe head
  • A strongbox stuffed with coin
  • the ledgers

Total take, after sale of artifacts, per survivor: 322g, 144s; 495xp
Remaining party loot: Magic sword, magic leather; potions; 400g towards id's on the Isles of Pearl

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