G87: Return to the Stygian Stacks

Date: 23 june 2011
DM: greengoat
Players: Cut, Jorge, Pritchard, Roland, Strativarian, Audrey, Snickwick


  • Julis Fram sends them into the stacks to map the area beyond the magenta portal
  • 40'x40' empty rooms and portcullises
  • A privy
  • Hobgoblin and troglodytes
  • Harpies on a sunny precipice
  • Oolan's corpse- his book, his gem, his arrows in his back
  • Boss fight? A bunch of orcs, one chieftain type, and an ogre

One day passed during this session.


The party finishes it's extensive survey of the second complex of the "traveller" after they defeat the orcish band camped in the main chamber. The site seems empty now with the slain harpies, troglodytes, and humanoids but an infestation of stirges is later discovered in a tower stairwell that will have to be dealt with. The troglodyte that fled from the company's might is also nowhere to be found. Perhaps he slithered down the privy?

Regardless, the party takes a long day to make a detailed map of the mysterious site, collect the found treasures, and ponder the wet, green hills and evergreen tress that roll out before the columned vista of the entrance. The party's return from the damp air to the dry dust of the Stygian stack is something of a shock as they step through the glimmering magenta portal.



Careful analysis shows that the two complexes with the traveller figure appear to be of similar construction.


Losses and Loot

  • 300 corroded silver pieces found in a leather bag in a raided and trapped library room
  • Two camouflaged troglodytes disemboweled and were relieved of their albino-fish-leather sacks containing 300 smooth and mint-less gold coins.
  • One webbed and stabbed harpy had a beautiful 255 GP necklace, adorned with a sapphire. Another harpy had crushed bones from diving into the rocky ground from light-blinded eyes.
  • The old crusty corpse in purple robes had three back arrows in his back, but that didn't stop him from clutching a ciphered journal marked "OM" in one hand and a rough ruby in one hand that was the size of a tangerine and worth 800 GP.
  • The band of orcs generally fell to slumber and never woke, courtesy of the company's knives. The doughty orc leader battled Cut Coutelan for an eternity but fell to the combined blows of the party. His ogre sergeant fared no better with light blinding his eyes and suffering from massed flights of arrows and hatchets as he bumbled through the party. Their spoils became the parties, 400 gp in mixed currency of mints never seen before, three fine rolled tapestries of unknown but beautiful design and workmanship worth 100 gp each, and the filthy but shining plate armor taken from the orc leader that says "Friend Of The Perch" across the collarbone.
  • Julis Fram eagerly takes in a physical account of what the party brings back and carefully studies the scrawled map as he listens to the company's account. He makes a promissory note to the company for the agreed upon expedition sum and instantly launches into a pressured negotiation for exchanging the found coins for for further study. 1000 gp
  • The book marked "OM" is believed to belong to Oolan the Mysterious and will fulfill the task to provide more information on his whereabouts. Julis raises a sharp eyebrow when he hears it was taken off of a purple-robed corpse but doesn't say a word about it.

Total GP from treasure = 3335 gp = 477 gp each
Total XP from combat = 700 xp
Total XP gained = 4035 xp = 577 xp each

Items of note:
"Friend Of The Perch" plate armor +1, silvery rounded forms and whorls distributed throughout the plates.

No casualties!

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