G86: Last Word on the Moathouse

Played on 16 June 2011
DM'd by quendalon
PCs were Barnaby, Bassk the Lizard Man (deceased), Cut, Henri, Jorge, Pamflower the Elf (deceased), Pritchard Hood, Roland, Snickwick, and Kwit Snichin the Thief-Dabbler.


Sometimes the successes of the newly nicknamed "Success Team" are, not so much grand, or even impressive, but rather more…modest. Such was the lot of the Success Team this session.

After receiving a letter from Lareth, master of the moathouse, informing them that she had indeed absconded to the greater Temple of Elemental Chaos, the party, after some discussion, elected to hire a guide in the hopes of cutting off Lareth's route to the Temple. After consulting Jarreau, they hired an elven guide to guide them to their lizard man guide who would then subsequently, uh…guide them. With their tiered guidance system of Pamflower and Bassk, they journeyed through the swamp towards the moathouse and were attacked by two giant leeches who almost sucked the dungeon chef, Jorge Fits, bone dry. With a halfling sucking wind and a fighter also injured, the party returned to Homlette to entreat Jarreau, then Calmert of the Builder church, for healing.

Undaunted, the party set out again later that same day. Approaching the moat itself, a strange humanoid was espied lurking in the waters, only to have said humanoid disappear moments later. Unable to determine it's taxonomy or even location, the party pressed on into the upper level, where they were ambushed by nine lizard men as they descended the stairs. Furious missing ensued, spells that were thought to be memorized were not, and poor Bassk fell victim to the claws of his green-skinned brothers. Heartless bastards. With one party member laid low, and Pritchard Hood oozing blood from a host of wounds, the decision was made to return again to Homlette and seek more treatment from the town's clergy.

Another full day later and the party set forth a third time, now confident that Lareth had passed beyond their reach. They entered the moathouse dungeon to complete the mapping of the accursed place, and to discern if perhaps some wealth was yet to remain unstripped from the walls. Sadly, Lareth had indeed fled the place, taking all her valuables with her. The party was crestfallen.

It was then that Cut Coutelain rushed to the fore! Commanding the party ahead, they engaged a fearsome water beast, on the lowest levels. More furious bouts of inferior melee and subpar swordsmanship plagued the Team as the water beast's tentacles tore poor Pamflower limb from limb. Henri le Sateur only barely escaped a similar fate.

Unsatisfied, Cut exhorted the Team again further into the dungeon. They returned to the ghouls' crypt, eradicated them, then pored over their surprisingly extensive warren for more treasure. They left with more than nothing, but lost a valuable tiered guidance system in the form of an elf and lizard man.

  • Trying to track Lareth
  • Attacked by 2 giant leeches
  • Healed by Jarreau Ashstaff (country priest) and Calmert (of the Builder)
  • Ambushed by 9 lizard men
  • Mapping, mapping, mapping
  • Attacking the water beast
  • Finishing off the 2 ghouls and exploring their nests (mostly)

Two days passed during this session

Losses and Loot

The party collected a number of pieces of heavy silverware, some small gems, a number of coins of silver, gold and even platinum mint, a scroll of protection from undead, a scroll of spells (fly,push,stinking cloud), some silk pillows and furniture from Lareth's abandoned chambers, a rusty sword, some vials of liquid, and… ?

In the process of collecting it, they lost newcomers Bassk the Lizard Man and Pamflower the Elf. Long may their mirrors shine.

For enemies defeated and treasure collected, each survivor was awarded 522 xp and 250 gp in treasure.

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