G85: Meeting Lareth

This is a summary page for the session played June 2, 2011. The player-characters were Pritchard Hood, Snickwick, Audrey, Roland, Bartleby, Henri, and Stradivarian.


Roland Zanzibar attempted to use his lordly wiles to ask Rufus and Berne for help in clearing out the last of the Moathouse Dungeon. Berne offered to accompany the party himself, along with three of his best men, for a third of the loot and first pick of magic items. The party thanked him but decided to go it alone.

The trip to the Moathouse was uneventful, but upon arrival they were beset by a troop of kobolds. These were handily dispatched by a combination of parkour, a sleep spell, and main force. One runty kobold was allowed to live just long enough to inform the party these kobolds were not affiliated with the Master.

After spending a full day and night in the Moathouse, the party descended once more into the dungeon. There they found a catacombs teeming with ghouls. Pritchard Hood was able to turn some, while others were slaughtered by the party's redoubtable fighters. Henri was paralyzed but to no lasting harm.

Pressing on the party found a stairway leading down and realized there might be a second level to this dungeon. Was this the entrance to the Temple of Elemental Chaos itself? No one knows, as the stairway was ignored. The party moved on, and soon discovered a long hallway full of human troops.

This was it! Had Lareth's guards attacked en masse, the Company of Crossed Swords might have been destroyed, but the narrow corridor and some cowardly behavior from the Chaotics allowed them to be picked off two by two. Countless human troops were killed, magically Slept, and webbed. The party could not believe its luck…

…until Lareth arrived. A beautiful but irredeemably chaotic spellcaster of unknown variety (she wore armor but carried a staff), she halted the proceedings to parley with the Company. Pritchard Hood strode forward, in the grips of either madness or a cunning plan.

As a student of Chaos, he claimed to have come to the Moathouse seeking only wisdom… and instead found hostility. He claimed to have been undermining the village of Omelette and to be a devotee of Camazotz. Lareth cast a spell to determine the truth of his statements and found them accurate. She agreed to take Pritchard on as a new recruit… but only if he was willing to sacrifice the rest of the party.

Pritchard announced he would gather them together for this purpose, but instead offered them a sly wink. Whirling around he blinded Lareth with the Wand of Light, then told the party to run while he held off all resistance. He managed to escape with only minor injuries, and in the process realized that Chaos was the philosophy of weaklings and cowards.

Not a single party member was lost, though it was close. Pritchard lost his two +1 daggers, prized possessions indeed, but gained his sanity and his soul, which he had previously thought lost forever.

Losses and Loot

For creatures and humans defeated, each member of the party received 80 xp.

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