G84: The Moathouse Gnolls

This is a summary page for the session played June 2, 2011. The player-characters were Pritchard Hood, Flash, Audrey, Roland, Jorge, Bartleby and Henri. Audrey was ghost-played by CaptainContrary. The party was later joined by Stradivarian.


Returning to Homlett, ready to delve beneath the Moathouse again, they waited while Pritchard grilled the charmed bugbear, Chawn, who was in the prisons of Rufus and Berne, to learn of the faction dwelling in the swamps. They were lead by a Master (or a Mistress?) named Lareth. Chawn was able to give a rough idea of how many bugbears and gnolls, as well as human troops, Lareth had in her command.

Under cover of nightfall, determined not to let the townspeople see the bugbear escaping into the wild with them, the party was soon descending back into the darkness, soon finding themselves in the three-way intersection where they had met both tribes two sessions before. Invisible by Pritchard's sorceries, they opened a secret door they had discovered before, but were spooked by movement inside, and opted to confront the gnolls directly.

In what must have been the gnoll's main living quarters, judging by the rough and worn tables and cracked plates and utensils, they entered furious battle with what turned out to be nine of the tall, lanky hyena-beastmen. Two gnolls had been spooked by the diffuse glow and muttering from the invisible party, thinking it was Mogdloglong, apparently the gnollish goddess of light, a being of hatred that must be destroyed.

Four gnolls took up bows and the rest engaged the party and its bugbear ally. The party had the better of it, landing more blows while the gnolls failed to strike effectively in their eagerness for war. Attracted by the combat, a small cadre of kobolds approached from behind, where they were met by Henri and Flash. Flash died under a hail of javelin fire and the thief was just able to escape the same fate behind a web spell from the party's mage.

The bulk of the party was able to at last break through and kill the last of the gnolls, finding a small amount of coin on their bodies. Having been rather hurt, they wanted to head home, but checked the doors at the end of the chamber. The first, from which moans for help issued, was occupied by a pincushioned once-plump woman, tortured to death, and an elf adventurer named Stradivarian, who might have soon met the same fate. The middle door was found to be trapped by Henri, who was unable to figure the mechanism, so pulled the door at a distance. A portculis clanged shut in the distance. The last door opened into a longer corridor.

The portculis, as they suspected, blocked the stairs back to the surface. But by now they knew the mechanism for raising it: the wench inside the secret room. A large spider had a web spun in its spokes, which was dispatched. The barrier was raised. If there were more kobolds or, indeed, more gnolls, in the complex, they kept their distance.

However, at the top of the tower, two bugbears sought their revenge, hoping to pick off the front of the party as they came up. They struck swiftly, but despite their sneaky natures, the heroes seemed to be expecting it, and beat off the attack with but minor increased wounds.

Losses and Loot

The party lost Flash Glitterblade, an elf. They killed nine gnolls and five kobolds, a large spider and two bugbears. They found loose coin, a gem, and a necklace with five gems on the largest bugbear.

Each member earned 155xp and 105gp.

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