G83: An Excursion To Rogwallow Castle

This is a summary page for the session played May 27, 2011. The player-characters were Percival, Pritchard Hood, Cut, Flash, Roland, Jorge and Henri.


Losses and Loot

The party killed

3 Harpies
1 Giant Black Widow Spider
1 Crazy Old Man/Bride of Sandera
8 Assorted Zombies
2 Wererat Zombies
1 Large Spider
1 Undead Carrion Crawler

They found two clear spindles around one Harpy's neck, a braided silver anklet around the talon of another; a small icon to The Brass Lady rubbed raw on the face and front; two crystaline containers of fine perfume; two bolts of partially bug-eaten silk; 6 assorted gems; and various coins, including many copper, some electrum, gold and platinum.

The largest Harpy used a ring of forceful explusion on Pritchard, knocking him against a wall. Upon retrieval, it appears as an amber and red resin cap fashioned into the shape of a sheep's head with large circular horns, its eyes flecked with gold and nostrils with tiny bright rubies. This was detected as magical, but its exact properties have not yet been learned.

They found among bric-a-brac a monkey's paw capped at its delicate wrist with a thin iron cap studded with garnets. It did not register as magical; nor did it radiate perceptible Chaos magic. Prices given for the gems or for the object as a curio don't amount for more than 50 or 75 gp, or so, but it could possibly have more significance in some way.

For the jewelry and loose gems sold, luxury items sold, and coin distributed, each party member earned 584 xp and took home 507 gp.

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