G82: The Moathouse Part III

This is a summary page for the session played May 19 2011. The player-characters were Snickwick, Pritchard Hood, Cut, Audrey, Flash, Roland, Jorge and Henri.


Punchy halfling Cut Coutelain and new elf Flash joined the veterans of the Moathouse dungeon to creep about those dank netherworld properties and learn about what mysterious force the Ogre from the last session seemed to pay at least passing fealty to. And, lo! Battering down a door near the main stair attracted the attention of a Bugbear, who surprised and assaulted Pritchard, but was fended off.

The chamber held weapons and supplies, including a number of neatly folded dark robes bearing the insignia of a golden burning eye.

Following the Bugbear's path of escape, the party passed two secret doors and came upon an intersection where they shortly encountered the vanguard of a Gnoll population. Very scary! A parley gave the hyena-faced pause. They wanted gold to let the Company go unmolested (and who wants to be molested by gnolls?), and appeared very happy at the news that our band of humans and demihumans wanted to go attack the bugbears. I guess they aren't friends.

During these chats, the Bugbears dropped on the front of the party in their sneaky, nerve-wracking way. A sleep spell followed by a web kept them at bay, allowing the adventurers to make a hasty retreat. They schlepped the goods discovered in the concealed room back to Homlett, all the while discussing their next attack.

Upon a return the next day, they were attacked by a group of Ghouls in the swampland wilderness. They knocked out Coutelain and paralyzed Jorge, but ultimately were defeated.

Heated discussion on whether to smash against the Gnolls or the Bugbears, with Pritchard's eyes glowing a-fire and the freaky witchhunter demanding the gnolls taste his wrath, was all for nought: the Bugbears had set an ambush in the room where the foul scent of Ogre still lingered. They slammed front and back, with the halflings keeping the main force pinned, able to attack only one-by-one, while two others slipped behind against the tender backside formed by Henri and Pritchard. Some nifty combat manuevers by Flash and Roland saved the day, leaving three Bugbear survivors. One fled back toward the Bugbear nest, one fled to the surface, and the last was taken prisoner back to civilization.

Losses and Loot

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