G79: Day of the Doppelganger

This is a summary page for the session played 28 April 2011. The player-characters were Richard Loubeau, Hanna Darrowkin, Martin le Black, Ja'Tubis, Ariana the mage, and Weilgud the adventuring trader.


After the successful rites of the Builder, Robert Hazart returned to the realm of the living. Fate determined to add insult to fatality, he discovered nothing left of his travelling spellbook but charcoal and singed bindings. It took near a week after arriving in Darokin City for he and Richard to construct some semblance of a replacement. Happily, the wizard and a half were able to collaborate on the re-construction of sleep from distant memories. During this time, Robert was acting strangely- even for the recently raised. First, he insisted on being called "Bob". Second, he had apparently taken on a local girl, Ariana, as an apprentice. Third, some bizarre psychiatric syndrome caused him to advocate tirelessly for the company to return to the site of his recent death.

The rest of the party was unsure how to regard Robert's tales of fabulous wealth remaining in the crypt. Turning to more immediate concerns in the meantime, they enlisted the aid of the wily merchant Weilgud and approached the temple of the Builder. Their goals were two: The delivery of a message from Cassandra, the Builder's priestess in Favarra, and the negotiation of a restoration for the wight-struck Martin. After being vetted first by the acolyte Gentra and next by his aide Sendora, they were invited to return for a meeting with the head curate Mason IV the next day.

In the interim, Richard asked "Bob" to accompany him to the temple, with a design to have him examined by the clerics. The wizard refused the suggestion. After several increasingly desperate arguments also fell on deaf ears, some of the party acted more directly. Ja'Tubis attempted to hold Hazart, and failed. The wizard unlimbered his cube of power from beneath his short and singed robes, and became invisible. Hanna shut the door and flung her bola, while Richard and Martin made to tackle the invisible mage - with a predictable lack of success. The bola entangled Martin's throat, and "Bob" slipped through an open window.

Dejected the company made the next day's appointment with the temple. Mason IV agreed to perform the restorative rites required for Martin. He asked in exchange the dead priest Jonastan's mace +1 (recovered from the crypt) and the resolution to a local trouble.

Rickland, a rural parish leader of the Builder, had been murdered and the area apparently haunted by his ghost. The party entered the temple escorted by the watchful Gand, Builder acolyte and brother to Gentra. Trepidatious after a brief, furious encounter with giant centipedes in the priest's desk, they made their way to the basement. Below, giant rats scurried amid covered furniture and darkness.

For the most part ignoring the oversize rodents, the party picked into the priest's old quarters and found a large chest in his closet. Thinking perhaps to allow Richard a chance to explore things at his leisure, away from the acolyte's eyes, the party left Richard to search for evidence of his suspected wererats. Away from the party's help, the thief-dabbler was mauled by a huge rat-beast-man thing, nearly killing him! Suspicions of a wererat, apparently confirmed!

A rushing Ja'Tubis succeeded in chasing it down its hidden hall with a Bestow Fear spell, and the party cornered the thing, blubbering for help, claiming to be the deceased priest. At this new confusion, a team was sent to the town to find the gravedigger, who could dig up the priest's grave and perhaps identify the remains — perhaps he was in on it? Who is buried there…?

The priest himself was buried there, it seemed. Kicking stones and discussing this oddity in the yard, the stronger team had left Richard and a neophyte magic-user guarding the thing manacled behind a spiked door. But the door was wrested open! The thing escaped somehow!

Richard managed to polymorph it into a clam, but it jerked immediately back into a man-like shape, then transformed into a second Richard! A curious battle ensued, where the beast was driven into a corner, Hanna and its likeness Richard landing the last mighty blows.

Robert dropped a fireball down the basement steps to incinerate the rats, but burned up an amount of furniture, too. Gand warned that Mason IV would likely regard this latter as unnecessary destruction, and require some recompense before performing Martin's restoration.

Losses and Loot
The party slew one doppleganger and ten giant rats. They also found the shrine's repository of valuables, which they turned over to the Church of the Builder.

For creatures slain and treasure acquired (albeit not kept), each party member earned 232xp.

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