G79: Carousing and Intersession

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Hanna Darrowkin

If she concentrates, the young halfling can usually stop herself from doing something stupid. It's taken a lot of practice, but by now she's gotten better at concentrating on the important stuff.

So, even if she was envious of Martin parading around Corunglain with his brothel midgets - sordid as it was, it was still companionship - she passes the dens of revelry and adventure, resolute, if somewhat magetized. She used to be able to go in those places, with nary a consequence! Truth be told, she has kept herself out of trouble for months now — this kind of trouble, where a small, not terribly strong creature such as herself can discover all manner of unpleasant consequences - the world's sorrows - and… and, there is no reward for that, just another requirement of behavior, and perhaps for the rest of her life. There could be some pretty elf in there, tied to an adventuring party, passing through, her soft, shimmering hair pulled away from her graceful neck, ready to just… just, chat… Or… or, some bluff, handsome, short-statured man, with strong hands and a heart full of good intentions…

But it takes money to find that slim-waisted girl, that strong-shouldered young man. To… talk with. Maybe cuddle… Just sleep, and feel someone warm beside her…

Instead, Hanna explores for information on the Isle of Pearl, and the once-chaotic cult of Ululaya. She starts with Montefiodor, the old Glantrian sage, and then search for knowledgeable souls. Closer to the source, perhaps there are adherents to find, eager to proselytize? How far is the island? Is it part of a chain? Who owns the territory? And what would it take to get out there?

She pawns the silver and sapphire necklace she thought was so pretty, ready to spend for information.

Hanna carouses for information in Darokin City.

"How far is the island? Is it part of a chain? Who owns the territory? And what would it take to get out there?" — Information of this nature is not so difficult to acquire. Are you carousing to establish these details to a certainty, or to obtain more detailed information on the Isles themselves?

I wanted to make sure we had an understanding of where the islands were and a general sense of what it would take to get there (time, distance, what kind of vessel). Since this is fairly well-known, the carouse is more interested in getting more details on the cult itself. How to find it, how to approach it. Is there a gift or material of some kind, for example, that we could bring in supplication?

You rolled a 7, spending 1050gp — but you are only able to pawn the necklace for 650gp, so you earn 650xp and are in debt for 400gp. Your creditor places a lien on the Hollyhock; the party loses access to the boat until the debt is paid. Your modified Wisdom roll is a 9: partial success! Choose one of the following:

  • The information you acquire is neither fragmentary nor contradictory.
  • You feel that you can trust the information.
  • No one else knows that you've acquired the information.

Option 2. We will get enough adventure from the sessions themselves; it will be good to have a bulwark of expectation to build on as we go.


Snickwick and his friend Hop-Frog have been having a lovely time in Malinbois. The workshop is tidy and clean, the kitchen warm and fine smelling, the hearthroom cosy and tranquil. The two have stocked the shed with wood, cleared the dry gorse, and taken down the pavilion and all but two tents for the winter. The Autumn has been unusually mild, the apples especially sweet, and the Lodge particularly quiet…

… Too quiet. A quick count (momentarily disputed by Louis Lamont) reveals that nearly every member of the company has been absent for quite some time! They were so content that they had hardly noticed! It all returned in a wave! The destruction of the Golem! The wrath of the Ambrevilles! The company departing the region for fear of their lives! Pritchard's voice shouting: "Snickwick you boob! Flee Malinbois immediately! "

Snickwick will skulk about town and castle; disguised as a goblin in cloak and buskins; moving silently and holding portals as necessary; his aim is to gague the level of risk in Malinbois. Are the agents of Marais after them? What is the tone at Chateau Malinbois? He will also make ready to leave town, packing up his travelling kit and making ready for the road. Surely Lamont can mind the Lodge…

Snickwick will try and gather a bit of info on the temperature of things in Malinbois - but he's broke so this would just be casual info gathering. More importantly, he'll set off to meet with the rest of the Company in Hommlet.

An insouciant, prematurely balding young fellow comes up on horseback from Glantri City. He bears a sealed letter for Pritchard Hood from "Master Hood's patron," Lady Evangelista de Sylaire. The man inquires as to whether Pritchard is available to accept the letter — or if not, when he will be able to do so. In either case, he asks what reply is to be made.

Snickwick, still skulking about the shadows of Chateau Malinbois, will catch the attention of a page and whisper instructions his ear (though he is still disguised, he wants to avoid any chance observations). Receiving these instructions, the page will address the messenger as follows:

"Master Hood has departed for the winter with his companions to pursue important business and weighty studies. He will likely send word at some point during the winter. We can happily hold this missive for Master hood until that time and pass it along. Sadly we do not know the location of his retreat, or we would send you with the message directly."

Should the courier agree, Snickwick will receive the missive in private. Casting "detect magic" to ensure no curses or traps are laid on the note, Snickwick will read the message as he finishes his preparations to depart for Caurenze.

Snickwick obtains the letter, which upon magical examination does not appear to be cursed or trapped. (The contents have been sent to you via private message.)

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