G78: The Tomb of Song

This session was played on April 21, 2011, attended by Martin le Black, Richard Loubeau, Charlie Darrowkin, Robert Hazart and Hanna Darrowkin. They were accompanied by Anya Darrowkin.


After significant time off in Corunglain, the party heads down to the ocean, but jumps at the chance for side adventure, despite sound second guessing, not vocal enough, on the wisdom of entering an ancient tomb without a cleric. The party compounds the mistake by thrusting farther than they should and lose Robert Hazart and a mule to a lighting bolt trap. Robert Hazart was brought back from the other side, the mule was unfortunately beyond help.

The Alpha Brigade had received a return missive from Hop-Frog in Snickwick, some trouble with the Ambrevilles seemed well in hand and the gnome had courteously sent along a cursed ring to aid in the journey to the sea. Significant activity could be observed among an increasing number of Darokinese miliatary forces, who appeared to be setting out in ever greater numbers northward upon the Streel.

Having settled their accounts in Corunglain and stocked the Hollyhock with provisions for the voyage ahead, Captain Sturback and his four remaining crewmen - Otter, Bolun, Bilgey and Remik, pushed off down the great river - now called the Streel.

A week passed without event, and the Hollyhock pulled into a slip in the small town of Farvara, to resupply, rest a night in town and proceed upon their safe, predictable, totally non-life threatening way. This plan was to take a slight turn when a rat faced local by the name of Willik, spotting the eager passion of youth in the eye of Charlie Darokin, approached the lad with a tempting offer - a treasure map…

175gp, a bit of wandering and several bad decisions later, the party found themselves in front of the massive iron doors of Song's tomb. A great sigil is carved into the door. Willik had warned the party of many traps, unread with glowing eyes, and a previous expedition that was annihilation by the dangers within (all of this was validated via ESP).

After cleverly bypassing a nasty dart trap, the party engaged in combat with a group of three wights. While managing the combat handily, martin was level drained (for 11,000 xp).

Pressing forth, the group encountered a room with char marks on the wall, clearly some sort of magical trap. Written in blood a warning that "only those with the sigil written on their brow may pass". Tracing a nearby sigil on the mule that accompanied them, the party frighted the beast into the chamber. When nothing happened, they assumed the passage was safe. It was not safe. It was a lightening trap and it killed Robert Hazart.

The party fled in terror. Luckily, Lady Cassandra of the builder had a scroll of resurrection long forgotten in the church's library and was able to resurrect the wizard, but at what cost?

Losses & Loot
The party killed three wights and six adventurer-zombies. Wealth acquired included 263 gp, 178 sp, 28 cp and several pieces of jewelry: a braided silver ring, a heavy oval silver belt buckle, a fine silver bracelet engraved with the image of a heron flying past the moon, a fine gold chain hung with an aquamarine pendant, a thin gold ring set with a tiny emerald and a heavy, rough-looking gold ring set with a large pearl. The party also acquired a twisted silver wand etched with magical runes, two vials of translucent beige liquid, a sealed scroll tube, and various bits of adventuring gear, including: two suits of plate mail, two suits of chain mail, two shields, one polearm, three swords, two short swords, one mace, four daggers, one silver square-and-compass symbol of the Builder, a silver mirror and a set of thieves' tools.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 642xp.

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