G76: Thouls Of Rogwallow Watchtower

Played on April 7, 2011 by "Cut" Coutelain, Jorge Fits, Pritchard Hood, and a newcomer, the traceur Henri le Sauteur. It was referee'd by the ever-ready naked_samurai.


This adventure takes place over the span of 9 days in Happy Valley.

  • Bodkin
    • Scarecrow/Doomsday Cult
    • Barfight at Inn of the Marksman
      • Table clearing, gut-punching, chair throwing action
      • Slept-warhorse, trapped constable
      • Sleeping at pasture, and a WANTED posting
  • Sligo
    • Guard; tall tales of ghosts, spectres and Augustina Rogwallow
  • Rogwallow Watchtower
    • Baboon fight on the hill
    • Thoul ambush

Losses and Loot

The party 'defeated' a large warhorse, punched out a burly tavern guest, killed six Rock Baboons and two Thouls.

The party discovered a figurine of the Brass Lady, a set of tarnished silver flatware with the Rogwallow crest, and some "scat"-tered coper pieces in the watchtower. On the bodies of the thouls and their bandit victims, the discovered a pearl anklet, a gold buckle (it will never rust), a porcelain cameo of an unknown young man, 135 electrum pieces, and some communications of the Brothers & Friends bandit collective signed by Gabriel Dunn.

After sale, each party member netted 333gold pieces.

For treasure reclaimed and foes defeated, each party member received 391xp.

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